Cowboy Grass fragrance notes

  • Head

    • rosewood, wild thyme, bergamot
  • Heart

    • sage brush, basil, rose otto
  • Base

    • vetiver, grass, ambergris

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On me, all I smell is dry rosewood, dried rose petals, and a pleasant smoky vetiver.

Cowboy Grass lasts about eight hours as a skin scent with no projection.
14th September 2022
Cowboy Grass is a vetiver centric fragrance which is both modern and interesting, yet still true to the essence of classic vetiver fragrances.

It opens with a brash green grassy vetiver supported by a subtle bergamot. It isn’t sharp neon green, nor dark and rooty. It’s rather an authentic dry grassy vetiver with a hint of smoke, conjuring the image of piles of vetiver grass drying in the sun. The bergamot rapidly fades to be replaced by European aromatic herbs which combine beautifully with the vetiver to give it more body and complexity. This is probably my favourite part and recalls fragrances from the 80s, but with more subtlety.

The herbal phase then passes and the vetiver is instead accompanied by florals, which smell like white flowers or perhaps a light tea rose, and then the florals also fade and the vetiver is lightly sweetened with a soft balsamic ambery note. By this stage the silage has dropped off significantly to be a skin scent, but it has great longevity and is still softly detectable at 12 hours after application.

This is an interesting vetiver scent which is enjoyable and never overbearing. Rather than unwashed and unshaven Cowboys, this fragrance would suit a well groomed man who wants something dignified and masculine, but not dated like many typical vetiver frags.

I admit that I am NOT a fan of vetiver, and only a couple grace my collection, but this is one of the few I would happily put on my shelf. Thumbs up.
14th January 2022

Smells like Northern New Mexico on the edge of the mountains on a warm sunny afternoon just before the rain comes to settle the dust and scents.I think that's a good thing; may be a little on the masculine side, it is dusty but not bitter. A wonderful blend that recalls the scents I grew up in.
15th October 2020
Bergamot blast that lasts all of thirty seconds. Sage that lasts ten seconds longer. Here's the cowboy's aftershave, I suppose.

Thirty minutes later it smells exactly like vetiver essential oil mixed with a stale salt-&-pepper packet. Lunch break?

22nd September 2020
CG is a kind of modernist cowboy scent. It transports me to the Laughlin Hotel in El Paso, 1972. Wooden interiors, dust, Stetsons, rosewood grips, dirty Levi's, gunpowder and smoke, grass fields over yonder. Unsurpassed longevity. Very well done.
30th April 2018
As you can see per the reviews, this fragrance is not something you can wear one time and understand and or fully experience. DS Durga in general is this way - You have to take the time and wear this frag at least 4-5 times to really understand it.

Cowboy grass is one of my all time favorite smells. A strong vetiver base that has a dirtier quality then most.

This fragrance has created a special memory for myself - As this seems to be what DS & Durga does best.
23rd November 2016
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