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    • pink grape, orange flower, mandarin, plum, honeysuckle, sandalwood

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I technically still own a bottle of this but it's currently occupying space in my bathroom medicine cabinet as an air freshener as I feel that's what it smells like. When I tested this in store a few years back it was an intoxicating smoky plum that filled the air around me, I took a card I sprayed home and it lasted for days. I couldn't stop thinking about it and eventually purchased a bottle at an online discounter in the middle of last year.

I believe without a doubt that this fragrance has been reformulated, as I believe most of Juicy Couture's entire fragrance line has, and it's quite obvious when you receive one of these newer formulations. They all have this cheap top-mid note of shrill honeysuckle room freshener that you would get at the grocery store for like $3, and only a whisper of what they once contained is detectable. Longevity and sillage are laughable, you'll be using quite a bit of your bottle just to get someone to notice the scent, even if that someone is yourself. I would spray 15-20 sprays on myself of this perfume in particular and 30 minutes later couldn't smell a thing.

I'm very disappointed but also wanted to warn people who might be looking to purchase this or any of Juicy Couture's older scents online: try to look for an older style bottle. I believe the newer one's have cheaper plastic embellishments as well and packaging has been cheapened down significantly. I especially do not recommend paying full price for any Juicy Couture scents and if finding older stock isn't easy enough, I'd just say skip them altogether.

Highly offended, not recommended.
27th February 2019
Right out of the glass vial I smell mostly candied grape. I've smelled a similar scent being pumped into the air of a little girls' clothing store.

On my skin it turns into a sharp white floral, no discernible citrus, but the sharpness of it. It is loud! Something in it began to irritate my lungs so I washed my wrist with mint soap. I was surprised that the mint cut the sharpness and added a freshness to it. Also, I'm sure the washing softened it. After it was softened, it became a very wearable light floral with a sweet amber base.

Before I washed it I would see it being a scent for a brash 40 something who likes to borrow her 18 year old's mini skirt to go club hopping. After washing I would say that it would be a scent for a fashion forward creative type of any age (probably for Spring). With a splash of mint it turns into a flirty Summer scent.
5th December 2016

It has a light, elegant, cistrusy and woody scent with a slight sharp notes to it.
It is brilliant, I love it. I don't know why others dislike it.
However, the negative part in this perfume is that it wears off too quickly.

The notes are as follows:
Top notes: mandarin orange, African orange flower and grapefruit
Middle notes: jasmine, honeysuckle and plum
Base notes: amber, vanilla and sandalwood.
10th October 2014
The part of me that enjoys Cacharel's LouLou and Guerlain's Insolence likes Couture Couture, too - while not powdery, like those it is super strong, and super sweet, and has a kind of horrible fake berry/grape-y thing going on.

Here's what's weird, though - as synthetic as it is, it's as close to the smell of Cestrum Nocturnum, referred to as night-blooming jasmine or Night Queen, as I've ever come across in perfumery. Cestrum Nocturnum vines grow in lots of Hollywood yards, and the smell of their tiny flowers is really different from other varieties of jasmine - it smells very white floral, yet has a distinct sugary grape note that reminds me of grape bubblegum - it's that sweet, even a bit artificial-smelling.

If you take an evening walk through a hushed Hollywood neighborhood with 1920s Spanish-style houses, and the Night Queen is blooming, you'll feel the old magic of the place. Couture Couture captures this experience well enough that it gives me a nostalgic pang when I first sniff it. It's always done that, as has the original Juicy frag to a lesser extent, and it wasn't until I walked right next to a huge blooming shrub last night that I made the connection.

17th July 2014
I ran across a gift set of JC Couture Couture at a discounter for a absolute steal price of 15 dollars . So of course it went home with me that day. I was pretty sure I had a sample vial at home ( and I did) so I tested my vial before making a final decision about opening and keeping it.

JC CC opens on me with the scent of grape jelly ( sorta makes me hungry in retrospect for some jelly toast) then moves into a quick snatched floral whiff of honeysuckle before it plunges into a vast dryish,jasmine ( in a similar vein to Alien). There - may- be other things in here the orange blossom,sandalwood etc.but my nose isn't really registering them as major players .

I think that this is a nice fragrance ,but not a love for me ( probably a bit too clean of a floral fruity). I returned the set unopened,hopefully it'll find someone who'll be thrilled with it.

I do like the kitschy holy hand grenade of Antioch style bottling. So I won't object to this in a future ebay group lot purchase ,I just don't love it enough on its own.
10th April 2014
i find that this fragrance smells like white Diamonds. my grandma wheres white Diamonds. no affiance to my grandma but i don't want to where something she would Maybe thats just me but i don't know if i would repurchase this again.
19th November 2012
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