Court of Ravens 
4160 Tuesdays (2021)

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Court of Ravens by 4160 Tuesdays

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4160 Tuesdays
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The last of our Hammersmith series is named after Ravenscourt Park, a beautiful public garden right near our studio, and the home - we imagine - of a court of ravens nesting high in the chestnut trees. Court of Ravens is an incense rose at heart, with a chypre soul running through it, from oakmoss, styrax and labdanum at its roots. To bring glossy black glints of ravens’ wings, shining as they catch the light, Sarah added drops of Yakima peppermint, French lavender, cumin and pink grapefruit, with discretion. Patchouli, rose and musk are the Court of Ravens’ leaders. We like to think that it would be worn for weekends in Whitby, after midnight in the woods - everywhere that magic might happen.

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I absolutely adore this. There's a very subtle cumin note in here that makes this smell sexy in a sort of "Worth Courtesan" way. Alongside that it's all smoky patchouli roses, like a gothic outdoorsy riff on Portrait of A Lady, if Isabel Archer had a pet raven.

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