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This must be the seventh or eighth time I was dead certain I had written a review for a given scent yet the field remained empty when I returned much later on. So instead of making a fuss about potentially deleted or mis-transferred data, let's make a silly analogy.

Coup de Fouet's opening notes are like the Powerpuff Girls-

Pepper (Blossom) is the commander and the leader, there at the very forefront of battle, razor-sharp and not giving an inch.

Clove (Buttercup) is the overbearing strongarm of the bunch, ready to fly off the handle and envelop the situation at a moment's notice, and is just barely reined in by the other notes.

Carnation (Bubbles) is the centerpiece, the real star, but is easily overshadowed by her sisters. She is gentle, playful, and potent for a girl of this type, but recedes into herself while the louder two of the trio are talking. Once they tire themselves out she really shines, as the fiery blast of CdF's opening tones down to a sunny Spring day.

Thereafter there is a creamy, almost-powdery base like unlit incense in a silk gown. It is, all in all, a very pleasant experience.
21st August 2016
A firecracker. And I meant that in the literal sense. Totally unexpected. Even when the fragrance finally settled down to a lightly spiced, mossy-floral blend, I was still entranced by the cracking opening. Enchanté.
26th September 2011

Imagine En Avion crossed with Messe de Minuit. It is aptly named, it does have that crackling ozone electric feel to it. Fire and brimstone. A fragrance for someone who knows where they're at, and means business. "The pistol was still smoking.....the man lay on the floor" Addictive, I didn't like it at first. Love it now, one of those fragrances that's an acquired taste
8th August 2011
Simply gorgeous. I will cherish my bottle of this forever!
20th January 2011
I had read that Coup de Fouet was being discontinued, so I hastened into NYC to visit the Caron boutique there to buy one of the remaining bottles.* I'm glad that I did.Coup de Fouet is, of course, the EdT version of Poive. It is not that different from its more powerful sibling scent in notes but rather in intensity. While some take issue at its supposed "weakness" compared to Poive, that's not entirely a bad thing, as Poivre has just about the most powerful sillage of any aesthetically pleasing fragrance that I know. Poive is so very overwhelming to the senses that it's impractical for most events aside from seductions. Despite its snappy pepper and clove notes, Coup de Fouet is much more subtle and is thus more versatile in its uses. A person seeking something unique but wearable in public would do well to acquire (or at least test) Coup de Fouet while it's still possible to do so.For the first hour or so, Coup de Fouet manifests the "crack of the whip" quality its name implies with considerable sillage for an EdT--albeit nowhere near as powerful as Poive. It shares certain spicy carnation characteristics with other Carons such as Bellodgia and the more recent Parfum Sacre, but it has a an old-school glamour that feels warmer than these. The sillage and the initial sharp edge soften noticeably after the first hour or so, but the fragrance retains a sufficient presence thereafter, as is characteristic of most Carons. The lingering afterglow is a lovely mix of clove, amber, and vanilla with a much softened trace of pepper.I'm sorry to see this lovely scent pass from the scene. Those who find Poive just too much perfume would be well advised to find a bottle of Coup de Fouet before it's too late.*Note: The Caron representative in New York was unable to confirm or deny this information, but I'm not inclined to dismiss the notice posted on the Les Senteurs website.
7th September 2010
If you are familiar with Poivre - the parfum extrait of this, then you know well what to expect from Coup de Fouet . Cracking pepper ,carnation ,incense, amber and vanilla but just lighter. I love Poivre, so this follows suit ! One of the most distinctive Carons. Love this.
21st July 2010
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