A rough-hewn cabin nestled deep within the woods; cedar logs ablaze in the hearth and a hot mug against the weather.

Parfum extrait compounded at 33%.

Cotswold fragrance notes

    • Cedar, Smoke, Oakwood, Ponderosa pine needle, Vanilla

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Cotswold IMO is a good entry fragrance to the darkest of the line, including Murkwood, Brokilan, Fanghorn II or Eldritch. Not that dark as the ones mentioned, but gives you a nice overview what darker Pineward are about.

Cotswold to me is spicy, a little bit sweet and smoky. It has conifers that you can detect in other scents from the line, but it's also got ponderosa, I think it's Nick's experiment with that note and led to creation of a perfume called Ponderosa.

Longevity is around 9-10 hours, sillage is quite good.

In general: semi-sweet and semi-smoky. Well balanced.
15th January 2023