Costa Azzurra 
Tom Ford (2014)

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Costa Azzurra by Tom Ford

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Costa Azzurra is a shared scent launched in 2014 by Tom Ford

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Reviews of Costa Azzurra by Tom Ford

There are 21 reviews of Costa Azzurra by Tom Ford.

An overcast day on the shoreline. The sun-weathered, wooden planks of the pier, saturated with salty brine. Sea mist from the ceaseless crashing of waves against the pilings. Seagulls circling above, mewing their lament high above the whitecaps.

please delete this review since it was for the reformulation of the fragrance

Like the sun sparkling off one of the Italian lakes, with the faintest smell of mountain herbs in the background. It's classy and gentle enough for the office and summer weekends, and works for evenings too (moonlight reflecting off the Italian lakes). It's such a subtle fragrance that sings different notes in different situations - refreshing during the day and slightly sweeter at night. It's versatile but stands out from the designer crowd like a million dollars. As a spring/summer all-rounder I've not found anything that beats it. Shame it's apparently discontinued now, so I'm stocking up!

That's the stereotypical “blue fragrance”. Very interesting, yet it feels like you have smelled this in many other fragrances. No note comes above the others. Performances are average.

The listing of notes above seems too simplified and excluding an interesting array of elements within this EdP from Tom Ford...

Fragrance notes for Costa Azzura:

Top notes: seaweed, driftwood, agarwood (oud), ambrette (musk mallow), celery seeds and cardamom
Middle notes: juniper, myrtle, lavender, lemon, yellow mandarin and artemisia
Base notes: mastic (lentisque), olibanum, incense, vanilla, vetiver and oak

Part of the mesmerizing collection of clear blue colored bottled scents from Tom Ford, Costa Azzura evokes visions of the northwest part of the Sicilian island (the "Saracen Coast") with its aromatic woody green construction.

It is at once spicy, then aquatic and earthy, then full of citrus juiciness set with contrasting elements of bitterness, smoky incense, sweetness, woods, and mossy dryness. Oud is barely discernible, an interesting choice in what would be a marine scent.

Costa Azzurra touches on several perceived qualities that make it more than an aquatic: It's in motion, exploring the environs of the exotic Sicilian isle and taking note of several aspects - the woods, the flowers, the earth - not just the beaches per se. So the blue bottle shouldn't convince you that this is nothing but a watery scent...that is NOT the case.

It is ultimately a light, airy experience that is reminiscent of Bulgari Aqua pour Homme. Very dignified and imaginative, Costa Azzura feels more suited for men, but women can give it a try with some success.

Wife said I "smell like the 90's". That's when I realized this does have a CK Eternity vibe to it.

The opening is a brilliant, refreshing citrus followed by a drydown that resembles Eternity but with a little more citrus and less sweetness. Feels like an all-year fragrance for casual wear.

Performance is average in projection and longevity. Lasts about 4-5 hours.

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