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Parfum d'Empire (2014)

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Reviews of Corsica Furiosa by Parfum d'Empire

There are 13 reviews of Corsica Furiosa by Parfum d'Empire.

Corsica Furiosa is a dense green vegetal scent, with a prominent tomato leaf note. While I like green scents, I do not particularly care for the ones that are vegetal (for e.g. Devin); hence Corsica Furiosa is not to my liking. On my skin the tomato leaf dominates, though I also detect notes of galbanum and hay. It is very earthy, and somewhat bitter, though the bitterness subsides into the dry down. It also becomes a little resinous. Duration on my skin is good at around six hours, while sillage is moderate.

Corsica Furiosa would be a must try for anyone interested in vegetal green scents. I think this would work well in any weather, but perhaps better in summer. While I think it is well composed and interesting, perhaps even unique, it is just not at all to my personal tastes. However, if this were someone's signature scent, I would definitely want to meet that person.

May 17, 2018

I bought Corsica Furiosa a couple of years ago in LA, when I was staying down the road from Scent Bar. After an extended session of looking for the perfect bottle, I got this. I was looking for something cold, or flinty, or green. Well, I got cool and green. I've since decided that my fantasy of a 'flinty' scent will probably remain in the realms of dreams.

CF has a green which is sharp and somehow wild or weedy. I've read a lot of reviews talking of tomato leaf but that's not exactly what I get - we had tomato plants in a sunny room when I was a child and I love and would recognise the smell anywhere. What I smell here is more like a waft of weeds or gorse (green not flowers) on a hot dry day carried by the wind. There's also a citrus note that I love - sharp but not sweet. It's listed as lime, and it's absolutely lovely to see it done justice and not appearing with coconut!

It's definitely and uncompromisingly green, and all day I've been getting hits of sharp dusty shrub.
May 22, 2017

I love green scents - it was just a week or so ago that I was searching Basenotes for fragrances based on the tomato plant. So I was pretty thrilled when this fell into my lap as a random free sample from a beauty site. I doubted it at first sniff - rather than a fresh green vine-y note I got a slightly dry dusty one, like garden plants left too long without water in the sun. It won me over, though - the scent is complex and keeps intriguing me. As it develops I'm getting lots of earthy notes as well as a hint of something lemon-y. But the tomato plant note mentioned by several other reviewers really does dominate here.

I wish, wish, wish I could spritz this on - I have one of those little dabber samples and I never feel like I'm getting the right amount/coverage with those. Definitely considering a bottle.

Update: still love the scent of this, but it seems more suitable as a room fragrance or candle. I found the dusty green note wafting off my skin sort of disturbing after a few hours.
May 3, 2016

Corsica Furiosa arrived in the mail, as a wild-card sample, along with a recent purchase from LuckyScent. I would have never chosen this for myself, but now that this little vial is in my possession, I can't stop sniffing it. I'm vexed by this stuff. I can't understand, for the life, of me why Mr. Corticchiato would bring his considerable talent and energy to bear on this beautiful but strange perfume, with all its tart and fleshy citrus and grass . . . writes the lady who just bathed in Chanel No. 19.

I'm learning my way around green scents, and this one is different from anything I've yet encountered. In its scale, sweetness, density, and sense of almost carnivorous plant life, Corsica Furiosa gets at the great green classics of the past, such as the ferocious Weil de Weil. But those grande dames were still ladies when you got them in the parlor: the drydown of Weil de Weil is a majestic soap, but it's still soap--classical perfumery in the end. Corsica Furiosa, in contrast, remains untamed, becoming less sweet, more saline, and even more pungent as time passes. Its mintiness becomes more pronounced. It feels like a cold breeze blows across it, reversing the normal pattern of a perfume's "warming" as you wear it.

Wearing something this uncompromising might be beyond my capacity. But I'm haunted by this scent. And I'm disturbed by the knowledge that I'll run out soon. I may need some of this, at least for clothing and ambiance. Cold comfort takes on new meanings when I consider this scent.
Apr 20, 2016

Mont Sainte-Victoire and the Viaduct of the Arc River Valley (1885–1887)
Apr 2, 2016

Very green and rather unpleasant.

It is acrid, raw and bitter. It boggles my mind that anyone would want to smell like this. The sharpness of tea tree oil with pepper and oak moss is what I am getting here. Having no experience with two of the official ingredients (lentiscus, nepita), I have difficulty identying with any accuracy what it is I am smelling.

Official notes: Lenstiscus oil, Lentiscus Absolute, Lentiscus Extract, eau-de-Vie, nepita (local mint), tomato leaf, pepper, cistus, oakmoss.

I wouldn't wear it, but those into raw green herbals may find it interesting.
Jan 18, 2016

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