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Corrida by Satellite

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Corrida is a shared scent launched in 2006 by Satellite

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Reviews of Corrida by Satellite

There are 2 reviews of Corrida by Satellite.

I agree with foetidus; this is a fruity scent. But it's also much more. The fragrance rather quickly dispatches much of the fruity vibe (raspberries? strawberries? both? and currants) and in come some lovely floral notes, including rose and muguet. The fruit winds in and out, lightening and sweetening the flowers a bit, but Corrida is NOT overly sweet by any means. As the fragrance develops I smell a beautiful soft sandalwood which persists for the next hour or two. Not super long lasting; about medium on my skin. A fruity floral? Yes, but I think it stands out from the crowded field of contemporary fruity florals. AND it comes in a gorgeous bottle filled with bright red juice (I wonder if it could stain my clothes?--probably if I wasn't careful!) Just LOVE this stuff.

Now this one is fruity – fun fruity – In-your-face fruity. Oh, there are some florals in there rounding out the black current, but in Corrida, the black currants rule – for most of the time, at least. That first fruity accord is quite outstanding; it is bright and brash and it smells natural – no synthetics here, just exuberance. I don't know that the fragrance really develops much more as it goes into the middle accord and then to the base, because it retains the black current note as it develops a rather vague sandalwood underpinning that tries to pass as a drydown. The drydown is not only unspectacular; it is diminutive. As far as sillage goes, Corrida is strong at first, but it quickly settles down to become a skin scent. It starts out with a bang but ends with a whimper. I wouldn't say it has good longevity, but the longevity seems to be satisfactory if one can be satisfied with the thin fruity skin scent that makes up Corrida's final ninety five per cent of existence. It is very much a feminine scent. When I first smelled it, I thought that it would be a thumb's up fragrance, but it didn't win through.

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