Corpus Equus fragrance notes

    • Rose, Amber, birch, cedar, incense, leather, Musk, patchouli, smoked wood,

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Working from half of a 1.5ml sample spray from an awesome BN'er, thank you!

My wife hates this; when I told her the name, her exact words were, "Yes, you do smell like a dead horse"...

That being said, I enjoy this. There is smoke, but there is also a leather that is blended so well I can't exactly separate it. It's not suede-leather, it definitely does NOT crawl down your throat like other leathers can, it doesn't push that 'leather cloy' type of feeling you get with some leathers that get to your stomach.

My untrained nose cannot pick out the rose or amber, this is definitely not a rose or amber fragrance.

This is definitely not an incense fragrance.

This is definitely not a patchouli fragrance, at least in the chocolatey/rooty/sharp sense. Possibly in the suede-y sense?

I think I'm mostly getting the smoked wood & leather that combines with the patchouli & musk.

Whatever this is, I would sure like to get a proper spray from a full-bottle atomizer. Then, I may be able to see if it is truly FBW.

But I would say this is, "Try before you buy", just to be safe.

But I thoroughly enjoy this!
30th December 2021