Coromandel Eau de Parfum 
Chanel (2016)

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Coromandel Eau de Parfum by Chanel

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The company says:

A spirited oriental fragrance that reveals itself by interrupting its amber vibrato with dry notes and finally settles into a long, restrained, voluptuous accord. Could there be any more beautiful homage to the exquisite Chinese lacquer screens that lined Mademoiselle Chanel’s apartments and made her almost “faint with happiness”?

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Reviews of Coromandel Eau de Parfum by Chanel

There are 16 reviews of Coromandel Eau de Parfum by Chanel.

This perfume is one of the only fragrances I have ever experienced that I truly was not prepared for. My first time smelling it, I don’t think I’ll ever forget it, it just knocked me over with it’s rich, deep beauty. It’s really hard for me to pick out notes that I smell (with any perfume) but if I close my eyes, I think I am picking up on white chocolate, patchouli, incense and definitely something woody though I can’t say what type of wood. It really just smells well balanced and smooth to me. It shocks me still how beautiful it is. It has a sweetness to it, but definitely not the type of sweetness that is prevalent in the modern fragrances, to me, this is more of an ode to perfumes of the past but it doesn’t smell vintage or dated to me. I would say that to my nose, this is a timeless classic type of scent. I can also see both men and women enjoying it equally. I still haven’t purchased a full size bottle as I’m slowly making my way through my decant, savoring each wear as if it’s my first and my last. This to me is a strikingly beautiful perfume that haunts my thoughts when I’m not wearing it, and provides great comfort and satisfaction when I am.

If you want a beast mode fragrance that is sophisticated and suave, look no further than Coromandel. People stop me on the street and ask what I am wearing. More a cold-weather frag.

The magical mystical and mysterious Coromandel.
The bright airy opening of Orange citruses and Neroli boosted with Aldehydes. Blending seamlessly into the heart. Patchouli rears it’s head but softly, uncharacteristic for patches some soft orris blends into some Rose and Jasmine then the Patchouli burst through again as not to be unnoticed in this symphony, but still smooth and cozy a little earthy so the Incense can smoke it’s way into play backed up with a nice Benzoin to sweeten the deal. White chocolate, who knew you had something more than a taste, it’s remarkably uncanny how this is delivered, very realistic.
Performance is spectacular 1 spray to the chest and 1 behind each ear,
10 - 12 hours later get wafts.
Truly a masterpiece by Polge.

Coromandel first greets the nose with a sparkle of bright, tart citrus with lactonic undertones that remind me of the most luxurious orange Creamsicle made with the finest ingredients; a wonderful source of nostalgia. That's not to say it's that simple, this is a Polge creation, so we have many layers in its development, with the heavenly pull of patchouli merged with what I believe might be ingenious use of isobutavan (of course I could be wrong). Isobutavan has a sweet and creamy vanillic character reminiscent of white chocolate, cream soda and with a soft apricot nuance. Not quite as powdery as vanillin, it has a more creamy "thickening" effect. Whether it is this or a brilliant accord of Polge's, the results are staggeringly beautiful.

Iris in the heart further imparts this white chocolate quality, with floral accents providing just the right 'treble' to counterpoint the 'bass.' Good lord, this is quite lovely. When I keep smelling myself and smiling, something has been done right. No element bulges out or showboats, it's a complete consonance that is the mark of mastery.

Just when I think that it couldn't outdo itself, its when Coromandel releases the olibanum and myrrh in the dry down, with the former flourishing in a warm, coniferous woods haze while the latter echoing the contrasting bitterness of the citruses in the opening. To think I almost left it alone due to murmurs of it being 'overrated' or 'underwhelming.' Hmm. I'm not so sure why those opinions exist, but for me, this is one for the books, my friends. I am sure there are still others that will insist that the EDT was superior, but, hey, donate a sample, or better yet a bottle, to me, and I can be the one to decide. For now, the EDP sends me quite blissfully.

I am at that most devastating of things... the end of my 2nd bottle of Coromandel EDT (200 ml)....
I know that I have to (sigh) bite the bullet and get the Eau de Parfum version
knowing from previous whiffs that it's become just slightly boring in comparison, but still very beautiful, straight up sweeter, more unified, syrup-ed into a beautiful other self - not doppelganger for sure... but not quite the fabulous unpredictable concoction that had floated all around me as I wrote my last opera, as I ran aground onto a broken relationship of 14 years...
Perhaps it's all for the best.
It's really a bite the bullet moment.
Should I get the eau de parfum?
Should I move on ?
In life one doesn't have to repeat.... right?
But really there was nothing like Coromandel in my fragrant life...
I mourn the passing of much beauty *
I stand at a delayed crossroads
The rest of my life has moved on ...
But I want to regain the composure, play and gravitas that this marvellous fragrance inspired...
Any advice folks?

Mark aka zenman7

This post is only to second Varanis Ridari's comment in his review suggesting that Coromandel EdP is quite good in extreme dry heat.

As it happens, I am just back from doing some off-roading with friends in the Rub' al Khali here in Dubai. We camped overnight. I had a small career sample of this fragrance that I had been given at a Chanel boutique. I packed this sample because I wanted to test out the idea of using this fragrance in these conditions.

Coromandel really "blossomed" in the extreme daytime desert heat (110°+) and dry air (>20% humidity), becoming a very rose heavy, but not too jammy, feminine-unisex fragrance. Later, in the cool night air, it also worked well, displaying the smooth unisex patchouli notes highlighted in previous reviews. Longevity was excellent. Projection in the very high heat was formidable. I used only a single light spray on each side of my neck. Any more would have been too much.

So if you live in the desert or are heading to a hot, very dry summer environment, and you have Coromandel but use it only in cool weather, give it a try. It works well. However, guys like me who don't like to wear scents that are too purely feminine, should be aware that this scent reveals stronger feminine-centric notes in these conditions. Everyone also needs to be mindful not to overspray in high heat conditions to avoid choking folks in a cloying rose miasma.

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