Zirh (2005)

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Reviews of Corduroy by Zirh

There are 71 reviews of Corduroy by Zirh.

A very generic and forgettable scent with terrible performance. It opens with a harsh hand-sanitiser alcohol scent, but dries down quickly with powdery tonka and vanilla notes. The dry down is pleasant, but nothing special or remarkable, reminds me of a good air freshener or car deodoriser. Sillage is very poor and the scent remains timid and close to the skin, and unless you seriously overspray it, the scent disappears completely after about two or three hours. I think a can of Dove deodorant has better performance than this. Even though Zirh Corduroy is a cheap fragrance I would not recommend it, as even in this price range, there are better performing options. Zirh are known for their very good skin care products but I feel they have missed the mark with this underperforming fragrance. This was a blind buy, I was expecting good things but I'm a bit disappointed.
Jun 16, 2021

A middle of the road scent that won't offend and is safe for the office and for casual wear. It won't get you noticed in any way. So if you are going for a compliment getting fragrance this isn't the one. If you work in an office that is rather quite and your co-workers don't like "LOUD NOISES" nor "LOUD SMELLING FRAGRANCE" this would work for you. It's fresh, clean and lasts about 4 hours on me with 2 sprays. At least it's less than 20 dollars US for a bottle.
Jun 1, 2016

Having just worn YSL Body Kouros recently, I can say that this smells very close to that, although not as strong on certain notes. It might be a stronger comparison to KC Reaction Thermal, but this has better performance than that one for me. Overall, very enjoyable to wear. Soft, sexy and powdery.
Mar 24, 2016

Unbelievably yummy gourmand-ish smell...but you gotta sarcastically bathe in it! Gone in mins. :(
Feb 17, 2016

Genre: Woods

Notes (from “Aquacoral,” grapefruit, mandarin, white lavender, bay rum accord, cinnamon, nutmeg, davana, suede, Virginian cedar wood, sandalwood, guaiac wood, vanilla, Kashmir wood.

After an initial blast of raw alcohol Corduroy reveals a candied mandarin peel top note that smells like a guilty pleasure. It's so sweet I know it's got to be both gauche and bad for me, but I can't help enjoying it anyway. The gourmand woody oriental that follows is unfortunately drab, flat, and commonplace, and wearing it feels like swallowing three too many bites of soggy, cold bread pudding. I don't smell much leather, and any bay rum is swallowed up in the dull hum of background noise. The best I can say of the featureless vanilla and wood drydown is that it's not strident, as is so often the case in cheaper woody oriental masculines. “Ordinary” describes this scent quite nicely.
Jun 11, 2014

A woody masculine fragrance with a slight floral note in there. A ittle to subtle. It's OK and just about a thumbs up.
Mar 24, 2013

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