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Corallium by Carthusia

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Corallium is a shared scent launched in 2010 by Carthusia

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Reviews of Corallium by Carthusia

There are 5 reviews of Corallium by Carthusia.

Corallium is a fresh aromatic that opens with zesty citrus notes surrounded by sage and sweet myrrh which provide the aromatic aspect. I get a dusty feeling from it right after the first minutes and parts of it remind me of a similar accord found in Narciso Rodriguez For Him, a musk-patchouli-violet leaf combo. Overall this is a pretty sweet fragrance and I was expecting the woody part, but it never came, unfortunately.

This strikes me as being a very woody, slightly herbal, scent. There is a bitterness underlying it, very Oud-like, whch I find unpleasant.

The bay and sage are bitter and the patchouli, cedar and myrrh do little to warm or round out this bitterness. I can find no reference on line as to what sedum smells like.

On my partner there is a lightness, a floral quality, but not on my skin. Even with that lighter, floral aspect, the scent is not especially good, simply an average wood scent.

Nothing special here.

I love it for the mediterranean flora notes

On first sniff nothing special – a pleasant summer EdT. But it reveals to be very well composed. Crisp, spicy and citrussy without being a typical citrus, because the “agrumi” are soon backed by myrrh and sage which gives it a special note.
The sillage ist not very strong, but longevity is great for this kind of scent.

I'm disappointed in this scent. Citrus, herbs, incense, wood... should be nice, maybe even a garrigue (herbal breeze over dusty fields) sort of smell.
My main objection is that this is a sweet and rather heavy scent. The myrhh has a sweet and soapy character, and when this combines with a substantial dose of patchouli and musk, we get something very round and dense.
Herbs are few and faint. Woods briefly make an appearance but they get overwhelmed.
I had to wash it off after about a half-hour. If you like a sweet, dense soapy myrrh-patchouli combo then it might suit you. I like something drier and more translucent.

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