Cool Water 
Davidoff (1988)

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Cool Water by Davidoff

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One of the best selling fragrances ever. This fragrance along with Eternity by Calvin Klein, sparked a reinterest in the fresh fougere market. A Cool Water for Women was launched in 1997.

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Reviews of Cool Water by Davidoff

There are 334 reviews of Cool Water by Davidoff.

What is there to say about Cool Water that hasn't already been said a thousand times already? Professor Xavier might wear this (he would never wear GIT) on a summer day while mutants are at peace with the humans, but you'd never smell a student wear it at the Academy. It immediately evokes fatherliness, even if that's not its original intent. I'm personally very neutral to this. I sometimes wear it on casual summer days, but modern blues are more on trend. It doesn't hurt to own a bottle, they can be had dirt cheap at discounters online or at rack stores. Or you could just swipe the bottle from your dad's bedroom. He'll get another one for his birthday anyway.

Cool, crisp and fresh. Just the same as it was in 1988 upon it's release. Inoffensive and still draws complements after all these many years. Cool Water will always be a staple in my wardrobe. Thumbs up.

The world doesn’t likely need another review of Cool Water. It has legions of fans, and no small number of detractors. I can see both sides. But weighing it all, it’s still a big Thumbs Up for me. Partly this is because it’s such a great, affordable workhorse fragrance, perfect for almost any occasion. But also, for both the scent layman and cognoscenti, I feel like Cool Water is a dark and mysterious fougere masquerading as an aquatic. The salty marine component is there with the mint and rosemary, but the drydown dives into something much deeper—cedar, a bit of oak moss, and ashy tobacco—that has me nodding appreciatively at the end of the day at how damn good it smells. And with the current trend in fragrances with the new aroma chemicals, I think I like it even more now than when it first came out nearly thirty-five years ago. A modern classic and great reference frag that won’t break the bank.

1988, Cool Water, the beginning of the end… the primordial chemical soup that spawned thousands of calonic freshy laundry spikey noxious monsters that haunt us to this day.

I discovered this scent through my older brother at his wedding, and honestly felt like I had to get it.

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