Reviews of Confidentiel : Après Tout 
Fragonard (2005)

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Confidentiel : Après Tout by Fragonard

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Reviews of Confidentiel : Après Tout by Fragonard

There are 2 reviews of Confidentiel : Après Tout by Fragonard.

With eternal gratitude to Twolf for sending me a sample, Apres Tout is one of the truest and most interesting honest-to-goodness rose scents I've come across. On my skin it is spangled with violet and berry, just to keep things fun. This one glimmers, glows and sits happily in a sun-drenched garden. I agree that the sillage is not great, but this is a fragrance I envision being worn to please oneself, and perhaps one's intimate companion.

Après Tout is one of the four fragrances of the Confidentiel line. It is a mild pink rose scent with a hint of raspberry. It is almost like a copy of Stella and it doesn't project very well. The staying power is just so-so. The violet note is undetectable. Here is a the pyramid translated from French to English sourced from the osmoz site.
Top notes: Bergamot Sicily, Bulgarian Rose
Middle notes: Violet, Rose de Mai, Raspberry
Basenotes : Absolute, of Pink Crystal, Patchouli, Amber, Musk
It's a mediocre non offensive rose scent that can be used by both males and female.

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