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Comme des Garçons (1999)

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About Comme des Garçons 2 by Comme des Garçons

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Comme des Garçons
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Mark Buxton
Marc Atlan
Packaging / Bottle Design
Rei Kawakubo
Packaging / Bottle Design

Also has been available in various Limited Edition packaging: "Happy Pillow" (Oct 2003), "Flower Power" (Feb 2004), "I Love You" (Feb 2004), "Night of the Stars" (Dec 2000), "Drawings" (2001) and "beads" (2002).

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Reviews of Comme des Garçons 2 by Comme des Garçons

There are 74 reviews of Comme des Garçons 2 by Comme des Garçons.

It's not an overpowering scent by any means, it's rather light and tame, but it feels very cool - cool in both the temperature and the quirkiness of the scent. A bit aldehydic and inky. I also feel juniper a lot, I guess it adds that inky impression here, maybe it's the cade oil that I interpret as juniper? There's something very lightly woody-incensy in the background, too.

It's a calm and calming scent, unisex, very retro-modern, it has some very oldschool aspects, yet feels very contemporary at the same time. Suitable both for leisure and for work. My inner hipster adores this.
Aug 16, 2021

Interesting scent.. sort of industrial smelling, but also extremely light. The opening actually oddly reminds me Creed Royal Water, or Jacomo Paradox Blue, maybe Navy for Men. If you know these scents, you know this accord they possess that's of a dark blue feel, with an inky smell. In CdG2, it dies down within 5 minutes, and I get some muted citrus, with cumin on top. Now the cumin is not body odor smelling at all, it smells more like a hot pepper smell to me. Add some aldehydes, mixing into sort of a white grape juice kind of smell.

I know it sounds weird. There's a lot going on, and I find it hard to find the descriptors to explain this one. Overall, it smells something like a garage meets and Indian restaurant, meets a fruit salad. Within about 20 minutes, all of that interesting opening (which by the way, didn't project very well, I'd say less than average, but not quite a skin scent) dies down and takes on a watery incense.

The opening is its best part, because after 20 minutes, I'm left with a thin and transparent incense, that just doesn't really do anything for me. By 4 hours in, it's hard to find anything to smell on skin. As I seriously smash my nose into my arm, I can tell you this. A very like amber, patchouli, and cedar make up what mostly smells like a woodsy iris base to me, a little bit of a rubbery smell, in a good way. CdG is known for synthetic notes like this. If this dry down were stronger, it would be a winner for me, because this fragrance takes me on an adventure, it's just not strong enough.

This is one of those fragrances, where people's descriptions will vary drastically. The best thing you cold do is get a sample, and try it yourself. I wouldn't recommend blind buying this one at all.
Mar 6, 2021

Comme des Carçons 2 (1999) is an interesting fragrance, but many from this house are. This is considered a "sequel" to Comme des Carçons Eau de Parfum (1994), which was also made by British perfumer Mark Buxton for Rei Kawakubo's eccentric house. Unlike the eponymous scent, this is not a spicy masculine-leaning perfume full of oriental zing, but rather a floral chypre affair which comes across intentionally unisex although many may say leans feminine. This latter aspect must have been enough of a problem for the house to eventually make Comme des Carçons 2 Man (2004) five years later, which itself became so popular that it leads guys to forget that there even exists a "regular" Comme des Carçons 2. To be sure, this far and away a fruity floral fragrance, and although this genre is not my usual cup of tea, the presentation and dry down in this are quite impressive, warranting further exploration. I'd actually wear this, which says a lot coming from someone not enamoured with the genre, but I wouldn't call this an easy wear by any measure. Then again, what Comme des Carçons fragrance is?

The opening is aldehydes with a peach lactonic note very similar to something women would be served up in the 70's through early 80's, but angelica root and an unusual yerba mate note peek out adding some dusty spiciness and dryness to the peach. Supposedly there's ink in here, but I don't sniff pens so I can't confirm. Marigold and tuberose mingle with geranium, giving a sweet faux rose heart dirtied up with cumin and rounded by cade/juniper. The gender tug-of-war sets in with the base though, where labdanum, vetiver, and patchouli lean masculine, only to be countered by amber, musk, Iso E Super (labelled as cedar) and some late-stage ozonic zing that seemed to be popular at the turn of the 21st century. A bit bombastic, but overall pleasant, I could see Comme des Carçons 2 being a good spring fling for daytime casual affairs, but definitely not reserved enough for an office or formal settings. Wear time is long, and sillage is good but not screaming, so performance is within acceptability. Adventerous men might dig it, and this is within the realms of typical feminine sensibilities, but overall stays inside the unisex box. Comme des Carçons 2 sets out to be a correction of the original's masculine flair despite being unisex, but is something of an over-correction in the same way Calvin Klein cK Be (1996) was made too masculine as a unisex fragrance in an attempt to draw in more men who had shunned the original cK One (1994).

The saving grace is that by 1999, a lot of men were wearing fairly passive gender-neutral fragrances compared to just a decade earlier anyway if they weren't into the youth-marketed ozonics, so something like Comme des Carçons 2 wouldn't seem so out of step. Twenty years removed from the release of this paints a different picture however, as women's perfumes have really zeroed in on the style Comme des Carçons 2 generally showcases, meaning this could be a neat left-of-center secret weapon in a more eclectic woman's wardrobe. The combination of old-school aldehyde chypre, fruity floral, and dry green base is not exactly novel, but here it is almost cybernetic in the way it's presented unnaturally with synthetic compounds, giving it that Y2K "freshness" everyone was obsessed with at the time. Mark Buxton knew what he was doing here, and as a display of quirky "perfume as art" like a lot of Comme des Carçons creations, this does not disappoint. As a daily wearable fragrance? Well, you'd have to be in the same sort of headspace as Rei Kawakubo herself, but if you're interested in the brand at all, you're halfway there. Reviews vary wildly, so test before reaching any conclusions. This one is hard to peg. Thumbs up.
Sep 25, 2019

Cherry incense rose.
Spicy waxy floral mess.
Oct 20, 2017

This is a weirdo. Fruity, sweet, bitter, musky. I find it very difficult to understand. It's got too much of everything, and it feels untangled. Mostly for men. You might like it, but sample first.
Apr 30, 2017

CdG 2 has a very different quality to it than just about any men's scent you would find out today. It comes across as a classy classic, echoing the formal wear floral-spice monster scents of decades past.

Funny thing is, I can identify many of the notes that are listed above in the fragrance triangle. It seems as if those very notes together seem to cancel out or alter the expected qualities of, say, patchouli, cedarwood, vetiver, etc. and produces a scent that smells atypical, but not totally alienating. It is refined, and also adventurous.

CdG 2 smells experimental, though not to the extent of CdG's "Odeur" scents. I don't hate it, nor do I love it; it smells fine, and it isn't a scrubber necessarily.

I don't think I'd personally wear CdG 2 (unisex), though it has an arguably masculine character to it. Years ago, I gave this one a thumbs down; after over a decade, I'm upgrading it to a neutral.

I prefer Comme des Garcons 2 Man to this one, which is a more solid, pleasant potion compared to this. But honestly, I can see CdG 2 worn successfully by men of achievement and boldness who aren't afraid to leave a trail of this unusual fragrance.
Mar 17, 2017

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