Colonia Leather fragrance notes

  • Head

    • brazilian orange, sicilian lime
  • Heart

    • rose, petitgrain
  • Base

    • leather, atlas cedarwood, guaiac wood

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Latest Reviews of Colonia Leather

Demachy's work for Acqua di Parma is overall very commendable, and Colonia Leather is one of the very best versions of the "suederal"-style leather introduced and popularized by Tuscan Leather.

An exuberant citrus-herbs bouquet leads us into this smooth, sophisticated, dry leather, helping give it a bit of EDC refreshment and establishing s connective throughline back to the Colonia namesake. But that leather--mostly stripped of the bombastic smoke and raspberry--emerges, dry and dusty, a bit like the smell of shoe polish. It's refined and sophisticated, a suit-and-tie fragrance if there ever was one, just with a bit of Italian rakishness to liven it up and keep it from getting too serious.

The only downside is its linearity, but that's a small price to pay for its achievements.
1st November 2021
I own the brown bottle version of this and think it's a wonderful leather cologne. I actually get a blast of blackcurrant/ripe blackberry in the opening note and then it settles into a soft, slightly sweet leather. Beast projection/longevity but a superb scent for me.
22nd March 2021

I own both this and TF Tuscan Leather and they are very similar. I like both, but Tuscan Leather is a bit loud and I tend to prefer Colonia Leather for everyday wear. Well balanced, elegant, a real success.
5th January 2021
Not sure why I've never reviewed this before, having tried many times, largely on holiday in airports, local shops and the like. But now Christmas has brought me a 180ml bottle so it should be a companion for some time - no bad thing given the replacement of this whole brown bottle series for a new set.

So, if you can imagine something a bit like Tuscan Leather and something very much related to the other old brown bottle colognes from AdP, you're pretty much there. Do those scents from AdP have some kind of common base? It certainly smells like that to me?

In any case Colonia Leather has a strange reversal going on where what you would imagine the fixatives to be appear early and the designated top notes come in later. My first impression is of smoky guaiac wood - a really good instance of this. After a couple of hours the other woods emerge and by the time of the drydown, leather, rose and dry citrus are all evident. That last phase is very much in the realms of Tuscan Leather, and although I kind of prefer the smoky opening, it's robust enough and hugely pleasant at all points. Very wearable, even versatile, and has excellent longevity. In fact, the day two experience is very good indeed. Lovely bottle and packaging makes for a genuinely niche experience.
3rd January 2021
Lovely smooth, sweet and slightly boozy leather.

CL opens with a bright, tart but full bodied citrus and quickly develops into a sweeter, smooth and slightly smokey leather, the guaiac wood being quite prominent to my nose. The combination of rose and citrus lend an almost berry-like accord. The rose appears deep red to me; sweet and rich but blended such that it is not a rose-heavy leather fragrance like, for example, Dior Homme Parfum.

Performance wise this is long lasting and pretty noticeable, so I'd go easy on the trigger.
8th September 2020
Powerful, surprisingly pleasant stuff that has the feel of Tuscan Leather but in a softer, more pleasant delivery. While wearing, it feels like you layered Ombre Leather, which is very wearable to me, with Tuscan Leather, to achieve this very manly but soft and sweet leather scent. It's just not as abrasive as Tuscan Leather and sits between the two Tom Ford scents. Really good leather scent.

Again, this is a power scent in the performance area. Next day longevity and leaves a big trail of scent behind wherever you go.
12th June 2020
POW! Acqua di Parma Colonia Leather comes right off as a sillage monster full of a THICK leather accord, loaded to the max with cedar and guaiac woods and intense, clarified drippy rose petals.

This scent is pungent, aromatic, woody, boozy, oily, and filled out with hesperidic grips from deep within (from the orange and lime, which take a bit of examination to really make out amidst the leather bomb vibe). I like heavy fragrances like this for when all I want to do is to have a solid scent curtain around me that isn't dated nor otherwise cloying.

This is NOT for everyone. It takes some getting used to, and DEFINITELY requires discretion to apply (it can easily become a monstrous offend everyone scent if too much is put on). I like the intense oily leather and hearty wood vibe from it, and I wouldn't mind sampling it every now and then when I feel BOLD, lol. :-)
13th February 2019
Like many have noted, this is much like Tuscan Leather.

But while Tom Ford's offering is harsh and downright punishing, AdP's variation is smoother, gentler and more well behaved, all without loosing an ounce of masculinity.

I would pick this over Tuscan Leather any day.
5th September 2018
It is one of the best fragrances I have ever smelled, very smokey leather, very manly, a must have for all men. I would rate it 9.5/10. This and Essenza are my favorite, haven't tried their Mediterranean line, which looks promising.
29th July 2018
I didn't have high expectations from Acqua di Parma Colonia Leather, but it is indeed a nice leather fragrance, modern and sleek. No marks for originality, as it is very similar to Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather; so much so that having both is perhaps redundant. However, it doesn't have the fruity aspect of Tuscan Leather, and is instead citrusy. Colonia Leather is largely defined by a linear leather accord, smelling similar to brand new leather shoes, rich and dark but also with a nice suede aspect. There is an ashy element to the accord, especially in the beginning and mid phases, but it mellows down after a couple of hours. While unoriginal, given Tuscan Leather and the plethora of 'smellalikes', Colonia Leather is quite well balanced and edited, which shows the expertise of the perfumer.

Colonia Leather has good sillage and duration on my skin based on a moderate application. I am surprised to discover that it wears very well on summer days, and sillage is perhaps even better. If you can manage it without overbearing, this could be the leather counterpart to the summery suedes like Cuiron and Daim Blond. Leather is often an abstraction in perfumery, and Colonia Leather isn't abstract. It is not as refined as Cuir Cannage, Cuir d'Ange, Cuir de Russie or Cuir Ottoman, and it is not as complex as Cuir Mauresque or M. Whether one likes Colonia Leather (or Tuscan Leather, for that matter) depends on whether one likes or dislikes this principal smoky accord of leather. I happen to like it quite a bit.

21st July 2018
I'm not too sure about leather fragrances yet. Haven't liked most that I've tried (big thumbs down for Tuscan Leather) but ADP Colonia Leather is ok.

Pretty smooth, pleasant fragrance.

Might actually give this one a go when I'm feeling daring next winter.
15th April 2018
I guess leather lovers will love it. I can't stand it. So strong, awfully long sillage. It makes me sick. It's worked on leather and nothing else. Men, don't wear this if you are not sure people around can stand it.
15th August 2017