Cologne Royale 
Christian Dior (2010)

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François Demachy:

Creating a cologne is a ritual for perfumers. Rigorous and authentic Cologne Royale conforms to this calibrated, harmonious exercise in style, which sees the finest citrus fruits – Mandarin, Orange and Lemon – bursting forth. It is classical and yet unusually elegant, setting itself apart while still remaining in its traditional frame. It has the soul of Visconti, telling us nothing changes because everything changes.

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Reviews of Cologne Royale by Christian Dior

There are 11 reviews of Cologne Royale by Christian Dior.

In Chanel shades, where did your
Dior perfumes fly?
May 8, 2021

Wow! Classy discovery for me is Cologne Royale, which is a really terrific blend of citrus elements mixed with fine mint, neroli and luxurious sandalwood to create an exceptional take on the Eau de Cologne mystique.

This category of fragrance is a true favorite of mine, and I must say that Dior's (pricy!) Cologne Royale is a remarkable creation. Longevity is decent, and I just LOVE the quality ingredients used to make this scent. Huge Thumbs Up!
Oct 23, 2018

Thumbs up scent with a thumbs down performance, hence the neutral
Mar 17, 2017

Dior Privee Cologne Royale is another great high-end take on the traditional "eau de cologne" scent, much like Chanel Eau de Cologne, which I tried yesterday.

Ever so slightly more floral and green than Chanel's, there's certainly more of a departure in Cologne Royale than some other EDCs as well. Although listed notes are just citrus, neroli, and musk, I'd argue that there are some other florals involved. The musk dry down too is much significant than in Eau de Cologne and other EDCS. The dry down is very soft and leans toward the musk, the citrus almost entirely gone.

Purportedly an EDP but expectedly not, Cologne Royale is not a high-performer, being sub par both in terms of projection and longevity. I like this one a lot but I'd certainly give the edge to Chanel's version, despite Dior's better pricing (the standard Privee $210 for 125ml)

7 out of 10

Jun 7, 2016

Excellent orange/bergomot, bitter citrus accord... Freshness! Dry down brings a spring-like minty note...which fades all too quickly. This manages to be both sweet and masculine. I like it a lot. Unfortunately, has a somewhat poor longevity, but still unique and worth the price. The mildness and short wear can actually be favorable in some situations...
May 25, 2016

Really like this one. Beautiful neroli and citrus. I get just a tad bit of mint which makes great for warmer weather. Summer gem IMO. You won't smell this after about 3 hours, but everyone else will. Very zesty and energetic. Great fragrance, just wish it projected a bit more. 8/10.
Dec 14, 2015

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