Cologne pour le Soir 
Maison Francis Kurkdjian (2009)

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Cologne pour le Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

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Cologne pour le Soir is a shared scent launched in 2009 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

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Reviews of Cologne pour le Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

There are 24 reviews of Cologne pour le Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

First long-overdue try of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Cologne Pour Le Soir, a honey/resinous 2009 release that's powdery and semi-sweet with just a slight animalic bit. Its note listing (per some sources) seems apt as simply a blend of benzoin and honey, and it just feels well-put-together, not excessively sweet or dark or sharp or animalic. It's a bit bright and invigorating while being somewhat seductive and potentially nocturnal.

The 2010 release that followed, Absolue Pour Le Soir, by contrast, is denser and more animalic, but, as many have said, CPLS is an easier wear, and though I would gravitate toward wearing it in the cooler weather and evenings primarily, it's still a mostly-year-round-friendly option, something less likely to scare people away than APLS. And, as some have noted, despite the similar name, amber centricity, and juice color, CPLS is quite different from the sweeter cinnamon Grand Soir, recently more recently in 2016.

CPLS performs reasonably well, and though it's not nearly as strong as APLS, it creates a good scent bubble and has good lasting power. It looks like CPLS, like APLS, is discontinued, though, which is a shame, as it's a very nice fragrance.

8 out of 10

After years of consideration and study, I think I can say with full confidence that this scent is what most other "masculine" scents aim to be.

It is gentle yet noticeable, of this realm yet otherworldly -- wood and earth meets powder and honey. It is pure pleasure and long-lastingly so.

It is courageously tender and admirably vulnerable. It is unassuming in its excellence but its courage and heart are unparalleled. It embodies fearlessness while foregoing shamelessness (unlike its EdP sibling).

Not impressed at all, I used to have a cheap rose candle that somehow got stuffed in a closed for 10 years. Upon re-finding it, it smelled like this. Mostly wax, hint of rose. I LOVE benzoin and was excited to see that this had benzoin in it, but alas, I don't smell it, maybe a hint of warm medicinal but it's fleeting. Not noxious, probably should have given it a neutral, but its $215 price tag kicked it down to a negative.


Not much to say that hasn't already been said...
As of now, this ( and it's big sister in the EDP version) with perhaps Xerjoffs Mamluk are my most cherished honey based fragrances. With the latter being more (significantly more) powerful. Which... In this case isn't such a bad idea.

Nah. Retract that last thought.. It's all me with this one. Your welcome to join me but I'm ok if ya don't.

As I mentioned I own both this and the EDP version and the slight animalic nature that sits backstage here... is more pronounced in the EDP version, for those requiring more lust.

There's a wonderful sense of balance and completion in this beauty that is not a common thing when playing with fire. Luxurious. Sensual. Yet it relaxes the senses which can seem like a paradox.

Breathe it.

Breathe it again, but don't force it to become something it's not.
This is for mature audiences that aren't likely to retreat. Standing is the only option.
There are no chairs in the room but don't assume it's empty either.

You are there.... And that's enough.

The opening- it dazzles me with that honey/rose that's been around the block a few times ( wink wink).

When it settles in your only subconsciously aware that your smitten. There's no retreat. It owns you and not you it... as it slips out of sight.
But not soon as 8-10 hours is not uncommon.

Your never quite (at least for me) ready for this when it arrives with all it's splendor.
Looking at the pyramid makes no sense here ( when does it?)

Just imagine it and wallah!
Warm honey.
Some booze? What the heck.. Sure.
The blending? Not a flaw.

It's somewhat an enigma as it's both gentile/soft and luxurious. Yet you sense this beast in there... somewhere.
Lurking quietly and your taste for lust just makes it retreat even more.
Leaving you at its mercy.
Helplessly I try to ignore my wanting but alas ... Fail.

Cologne pour le Soir.... You win.

I'm glad



The combination of benzoin and a light leathery whiff is pairing a certain brightness with substance, and the letter is enhanced in the drydown by the addition of light ambery undertone. Later on a pleasant incense is added, which is gently spicy and never cloying or heavy. At times a light rose hint is present towards the latter stages of this creation's development.

The sillage is moderate, the projection very good and the longevity outstanding - eleven hour on my skin.

This autumnal honeyed spicy fragrance is nice and never heavy- just the right measure, albeit not super-original. The blending is very well done. 3.25/5

Soft, sensuous and sweet. Spiced honey and rose with a hint of animalic carnality. It's a gourmand for adults... Like a dessert with liqueur. Delicious with good longevity and (luckily) very close sillage. Recommended for those with a bent for dark oriental fragrances with a hint of skank!

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