Cologne Grand Siècle 07 fragrance notes

    • lemon, mandarin, bitter orange, ylang ylang, wheat oil, vetiver, cardamom

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Latest Reviews of Cologne Grand Siècle 07

This is not for me at all sadly, though I love some of the other scents by this perfumer. I get virtually none of the spiciness, just a burst of sweet lemon (think lemoncello) that dries into a powdery sweet generic floral. One of the few scents I washed off after a couple of hours.
5th April 2019
Lemon (a very nice lemon at that) that turns to a green accord in about 30 minutes. Great spring and summer scent. Not your average citrus lemon. Believe that. 7.5/10
1st April 2015

Cologne Grand Siecle opens with a dead-on accurate super-natural blast of lemon. The lemon is sweetened just a hair to the point of reminding me a bit of the lemon drop candy I used to love when I was a kid. There are just the faintest hints of mild herbs and orange to back up the lemon, but make no mistake, this scent is all about the lemon and the rest of the notes barely are detectable. The citrus fades away within 30 minutes, and then unfortunately the scent is all but gone. The base is herbal and woody, but you barely can tell it is there it is so subtle. Projection and longevity are poor.

This scent has not gotten a lot of love here, and when I first tried my sample on, I was completely perplexed as to why. Its opening is so beautiful I find it hard to believe anyone could be put off by it, and it is so refreshing and invigorating that this makes the perfect cologne for use right after a good shave similar to Extract of West Indian Limes by Trumper. That is its biggest strength, and therein lies its weakness as well. It is absolutely incredible smelling like the Trumper scent, but also like the Trumper it disappears within a half hour of application making it worthless as a complete daily wear scent. It is that extreme lack of longevity that most likely is responsible for it not getting more support. I definitely understand that rationale, but if you can get past the longevity and projection issues and look at this as a quick pick-me-up, it really is an excellent smelling scent. 4 stars out of 5 and highly recommended if bought for what it really is -- a superb-smelling aftershave.
10th June 2012
First impression is a combination of colours; grren and orange with a hint of yellow.A cologne with definately tangerine (not orange) and a little sharp lemon. The green brings to mind tomato plants whilst the fruit is still green (which sets me a little on edge as I'm allergic to the plants).It doesn't change character, it just fades. On me after 20 minutes it's all but gone; after an hour it's hard to detect where it was sprayed.
19th August 2010
Ordered a sample.Couldn't wait to get it.I guess it was the thrill of trying something new.I thought with the price tag($120 for 50ml 1.7) it would be phenomenal.Not so.It' doen't smell bad at all but if your going to charge that much for that little I would prefer to smell it longer than 15 min on myself without sniffing myself.However longevity and silliage aside it smells great.
30th March 2010
Like with the opening of Trumpers GFT the lemon is fresh and uncomplicated, though not quite as bright or sharp. Within an hour all I'm left with is a lemony soap smell, a bit of a let down.
13th September 2009
This should be mentioned as a good lemon cologne. It is very fresh, and strong upon application, although I cannot attest to the longevity. The notes are primarily lemon, orange, and tangerine, and there is nothing else to interfere with their clarity, no vanilla, musk, amber, or wood lurking in the base. Only a clear citrus fragrance is imparted.
24th October 2008
Reminded me too much of instant lemonade powder.Too synthetic, but long-lasting. Art of Shaving 's Lemon is much better.
12th June 2008
Word of warning: this, while amazing smelling, disappears after 3-4 hours. I supposed it's because of the organic (non-synthetics) that were used. Pros and consA zap of citrus woods at the top. This had me! Loving it. I applied it in the morning and around a lunchtime break when things at work had calmed down enough for me to search for the scent I put on earlier. Sadly, it was not to be found.
16th April 2008