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Fragonard (2006)

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Cologne Grand Luxe by Fragonard

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Reviews of Cologne Grand Luxe by Fragonard

There are 8 reviews of Cologne Grand Luxe by Fragonard.

Cologne Grand Luxe is a good-quality cologne, longer lasting than many other eaus, with a rich, smooth blend of citruses. Less sharp and angular than many EdC’s. A creamy, almost custardy effect develops midway through.

Currently available at good prices, in a handy 200 ml bottle. Nice, because as with most eaus, you’ll end up spraying with reckless abandon.

Recommended to eau de cologne fans and collectors., and anyone else looking for a good value, highly wearable fragrance.

There's a sweet, creamy, coumarin-and-orange-blossom base here that skews this otherwise classic EDC in an almost gourmand direction (like a lemon tart with herbal/citronella accents). The thick, creamy sweetness makes this a bit of a tougher wear on particularly warm days, but it's nevertheless very pleasant and comforting.

Ignore the gender designation on this one - very classic eau de cologne that can be worn by anyone. Light and fresh. Perfect for warm summer days when you want a bit of class. The touch of lavender gives the otherwise spritzy citrus a nice rounded herbaceousness.

This is a very good eau de Cologne, with eau de Parfum performances.
I feel it's classier than many others of this genre, but it doesn't bring anything new to it.
A fresh fragrance for men and women.

I bought my 2nd FCGL today, I have enjoyed it the last year. For me the lemongrass is present ¿maybe a reformulation? and the resin (frankincense) is in the basis of this fragrance.
Nice to wear, compliments from both Women and Men, for me is a daily classic fragrance. Previously I used to wear the same way than Fragonard's CGL Acqua di Gio, Issey Miyake l'eau d'Issey, Floris Limes and Parfums de Nikolai Cédrat cologne, Borsari di Parma. Except the Floris and Borsari, that I still like a lot, CGL are IMHO aver the other colognes

What can one say about an eau de cologne? Pretty basic formula, hundreds out there, and all pretty much the same. The top houses of course use denser solutions of the oils and this is the case here.

Turin only considers five Fragonard scents in his Perfume A-Z guide, and this is the only one that gets four stars. He calls it a "lasting cologne," and he is correct in that its life is an hour rather than the usual ten minutes.

The addition of quality lavender suggests Guerlain's classic Eau de Cologne du Coq from the nineteenth century. I am also reminded of Caron's classic Pour Un Homme with its powdery lavender and vanilla.

A quality Eau du Cologne. Too bad it is discontinued. It's very hard to find, but worth the search.

A light, delightfully orange-lemon scent with a nice Begamot thrown in. More on the elegant side, with a touch of lavender added in the drydown. Silage and projection are limited and the longevity is a cologne-style two hours. A good summer scent for those who like an elegant and less full-on citrus -based fragrance.

This is a clean fresh citrusy scent in which a natural lemon seems to predominate.
I have had several compliments from others. My only complaint with it is that the scent seems to fade away after several hours and the price was good though there
was only one company that imports it from france.

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