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Tauer (2011)

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Cologne du Maghreb is a unisex fragrance by Tauer. It was originally created in 2010 as part of his annual advent calendar give-away. It was then launched in limited distribution at the end of 2011. The fragrance is a cologne in the traditional sense in that it is created to refresh and invigorate for a short period of time.

In 2014 the fragrance was given the same distribution as Tauer's main line, and will be the first in an annual series of colognes by Andy Tauer.

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Reviews of Cologne du Maghreb by Tauer

There are 4 reviews of Cologne du Maghreb by Tauer.

When I smelt the opening blast I hesitated and checked that I had used the right scent - this is a Tauer? Far from a synthetically loaded and somewhat predictable Taueradic experience, a delicious, fairly dark neroli-mandarinesque-lemon triad greets me. It is not a classic refreshing cologne, but more a warm and glowing uplifting fresh-citrus-fruit trio, and the lemons remains very restrained compared to the other two. Think of a warmer, less crisp version of Roger & Gallet's Bois d'Orange with less freshness and there are similarities.

In the usual Cologne style, the opening notes last about fifteen minutes, the are then gradually replaced by a rose note, which is provided with a lavender background that works beautifully in the mix. Later a woodsy core emerges, with a herbal impression added to it. This second phase is less delicious- this the usual pattern in Colognes - but pleasant, and the rose blends in well with the rest.

The sillage is soft after the first hour or so, when it is very close to my skin. The projection is adequate and he overall longevity round three hours on my skin. Like all typical Eau de Colognes it needs frequent reapplication.

A lovely Eau de Cologne for cooler summer days, well blended from high-quality natural ingredients. 3.5/5.
May 9, 2016

So this is 'natural' perfumery? Well, long live(d) synthetics!

Lemon, lavender, and a touch of rose. Lasts about as long as it'll take you to read this review. Pour Monsieur has a similar, but more tenacious, drydown.
Jul 6, 2012

It's cologne after all, so don't expect big sillage and longevity. But it's a cologne of a shimmering,resinous balmy composition- in the Tauer style. Thumbs UP.
Louslice's review is very comprehensive. I'll just add that I'm grateful to the person who sold me their unloved bottle.
Apr 16, 2012

Cologne du Maghreb is a wonderful example of all-natural perfumery, and a wonderful introduction to the unique world of Andy Tauer perfumes It isn't really a standard cologne at all, which is not surprising considering that Andy Tauer has never made a standard perfume. I hope he never will.

This cologne doesn't last long, like many colognes. I use it in the morning during the work week. It gives a delightful start to the day but fades before I get to work, where perfume is frowned upon. Sometimes I spray it before I got to bed as well. Natural perfumes are somehow more calming than the standard chemically-charged perfume.

It starts with a wonderful, natural-smelling blast of neroli and bergamot; delicious, rich and lively. Unlike most colognes, it isn't citrus-dominated, and I wouldn't have called this a cologne if I hadn't read the label. There is something woody and spicy at the heart of it, almost edible. At first I was surprised, but then remembered that this was an Andy Tauer creation, and of course he can never follow the rules! Not even for his first cologne.

I breathe deeply during the opening because it doesn't last long. The heart of the fragrance does last for hours, but it is very light and hard to detect unless you get close up to your skin - which is perfect for a workplace fragrance. Andy encourages liberal spraying, and when I use extra sprays it does indeed transform the fragrance, as the delicious woods and light florals (think freshcut spring blossoms in a wooden vase) persist and stand out with more personality after a more liberal application.

The bottle is his older rectangular, generic-type bottle - not the fancy ones you see on his website. I don't mind, since I keep it tucked away out of the light anyway, and the fancy bottles must add quite a bit of cost. But it doesn't present as well, so keep that in mind if you plan on it being a gift.

It seems strange that I want some perfumes that fade away, but it really does fill a role for me. I simply can't go to work wearing a perfume that projects, because it is perceived as being unprofessional. So the one I reach for, Monday through Friday, is a light cologne that will delight on application, then fade, but just leave enough of a trace that I get a whiff of it every now and then from my shirt. Cologne du Maghreb fills that role beautifully, replacing the Santa Maria Novella Russian Cologne I had been using for years.

Tauer perfumes are usually all powerhouses, so this may serve as a gentle introduction for those of you who like your scents light and easy. It is also an excellent example of a natural perfume that really works, which is very rare. Andy's perfumes always smell much more expensive than they are, and really stand out for the overall feel of quality and shiny purity of the notes.

Enjoy! And if it fades ... just spray again!
Mar 30, 2012

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