Part of an exclusive collection of three scents [Eau Noire, Cologne Blanche and Bois D'Argent], designed by Hedi Slimane which are exclusive to Dior Homme outlets.

Cologne Blanche fragrance notes

  • Head

    • rosemary, sweet orange
  • Heart

    • orange blossom, bergamot
  • Base

    • sweet almond, vanilla pod infusion

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A nice powdery-almond fragrance with the citrus in background, and rosemary to give it some crispness. Takes the classic cologne structure, and puts it into mid 2000's, adds ton of powder and subtlety into it. It most definitely has that mid 2000's metrosexual feeling, but to me, its just ok. I do enjoy it, but not enough to go and buy a bottle. Maybe too much powder for me? who knows, but in the end, just not something that holds my interest as Bois D'Argent, or Eau Noire do. You can clearly see the Hedi Slimane imprint into this fragrance, and how it plays out with his aesthetic.
22nd October 2022
Very smooth, pleasant powdery almond-orange fragrance from Dior!

Rosemary and neroli are expertly incorporated to accent those two main notes, creating a sweet, sensual effect that fits well in most any casual occasion.

Both genders can wear this, though it seems better for ladies. Either way, Cologne Blanche represents high-quality and acceptable performance.

21st October 2018

Upon application I was immediately reminded of two classic scents similar (to my nose), Guerlain's L'Heure Bleue and Caron's Farnesiana, both redolent of that mimosa/heliotrope sweet almond and orange blossom combination that bespeaks pastry shop to many noses.

One can't blame Dior for joining these two illustrious houses and creatng its own version, though somewhat late in the game.

A perfect scent for putting on of a summer evening before going out to dinner, which was the occasion for my wearing the two classic scents mentioned above. Cologne Blanche is a worthy addition, and one need be guided only by the price to decide which of these three is the lucky one to be added to your scent tray.

16th December 2015
An elegant Cologne
This is not a typical citrus cologne, although the orange notes gives it some freshness - it is an elegant scent with almonds' gentle sweetness and rosemary added, although on my skin the latter stays in the background. Refined, well balanced and bright - with a longevity of over four hours. Towards the end a delightful feathery powderiness comes in and fits in beautifully. A convincing creation that works well for a balmy summer evening.
Pros: Simplicity and beauty
Cons: Short-lived - but it is a Cologne after all.
25th September 2013
This is the smell of snow and powdered almonds. I want to spin and spin, fingers in the air, reaching for the brooding sky, snowflakes silently muffling everything around me, until I can longer even hear my own voice call out. This weird and wonderful scent seemed to vanish next to its dark and melancholy Eau Noir sibling, but it's voice is angelic, almost to pure to be heard by mere mortals. The bite of citrus is the snap of winter under the delicate dusting of almonds and sugar. Yes it is a little chilly, but like a winter kiss from frozen lips it is the impression that lingers and later warms the heart.
9th September 2010
COLOGNE BLANCHE comes across like a Dior attempting a Guerlain, its smooth almond-tinted vanilla with a hint of herbs and a whisper of lavender(?) reminding me somewhat of a tamer Jicky. While not quite as powdery as the Guerlain the sillage and projection are classic Dior. Exquisite! A modern beauty with an old world charm brought to you by the highly talented Francis Kurkjian.
24th April 2010
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