Collection 34 : 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Eau de Toilette 
Diptyque (2011)

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Collection 34 : 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

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Collection 34 : 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Eau de Toilette is a shared scent launched in 2011 by Diptyque

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Reviews of Collection 34 : 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

There are 23 reviews of Collection 34 : 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Eau de Toilette by Diptyque.

I keep conjuring the “Breath of God” twin-soul aspect of this, which is great, as I like the idiosyncratic cornucopia of BOG. And I like 34 for the same reason, with it's melange feel.
34 is ‘browner', like the leather books in a library, while Breath of God has a darker, lit-stage quality to it. And 34 is missing BOG's famous mint toothpaste note :)
I like 34BSG's mid-tone casualness. I was a bit surprised at its affability. I've never walked through a Diptyque store - if its back rooms exude this air, or bring this type of resonance to its stable of fragrances, it's a house that's comfortable with its children, and doesn't reminisce too embarrassingly over its glory days, like some fragrance house are definitely starting to do. I didn't expect it, but it's a pleasing fragrance. The drydown, similar to Breath of God again, is kind of a brown, warm, comfortable not-quite-amber.

To my nose, the standout note is the tuberose, followed closely by the cinnamon. The dark, woody notes in the base keep it from going too far feminine, but it ultimately leans that way to me. That being said, it does bear a resemblance to a softer Spicebomb in the drydown, so guys could surely like and wear this. It's not as spicy, but it is still sexy. Nighttime, dressed up, metrosexual scent.

Performance is quite good throughout the 10+ hours longevity. Projection is above average.

So I had heard a lot of great things about this one. Not for me. It reminds me far too much of Tom Ford Black Orchid which is a fragrance I detest. This one is not as over the top and is better for sure but just not my bag. Sorry!!

Based on a headspace capture of their boutique in Paris, this is a mish mash of Diptyque's whole perfume range - and everything else in the shop, all rolled into one.

It's like one of those picture postcards that shows the main attractions of a town but gives no sense of place : what you get is eight or nine different notes but no real direction.

Eventually 34 blvd Saint Germain does pull itself together, and out of the sweet & sour balsams and incense pop some dusty flowers. Decent enough, but my reaction is Why buy a souvenir of the shop when you could have a real perfume instead?

Collection 34: 34 Boulevard Saint Germanin (2011) is an interesting conceptual fragrance that attempts to capture the smell of the first Diptyque shop into a single bottle for posterity. This is an arduous task to put it mildly, as some of the essences, from the wood of the furniture to the kilims, the candles, and the "melange" of the brand's scents all sprayed together wafting from the shop entrance, somehow seamlessly mixed into an aura that is "Diptyque in a bottle". I think it works, but not without a little aromachemical science, so this breaks from the usual traditionalist/naturalist perfume lean the house normally takes, which may be why it is presented in a signature bottle to separate it from the rest of the line. Collection 34: 34 Boulevard Saint Germain is at it's core a chypre, or at least a chypre-like fragrance, since the content of oakmoss probably doesn't meet hardcore purists or vintage zealot's standards of what a chypre "must be made of" in order to be labelled properly as such. Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. This is good stuff for fans of woody, resinous floral fragrances and I get the sharp chypre "backbone" well enough in the dry down to qualify, so enough with nitpicking labels okay? Olivier Pescheux was also onboard with this like he has been for many Diptyques in recent times, so there is a bit of connective tissue vibe-wise with this and the rest of the line, in spite of being constructed so differently.

Collection 34: 34 Boulevard Saint Germain opens with juicy blackcurrant and pink pepper mixed with clove, cinnamon, and cardamom. This effect creates a "mulled apple cider" effect to my nose, even though no apple is claimed to be present in the official note breakdown, and this is probably just the way the fruit and citrus play with the spices, evoking scent memories which make ghost attachments to notes not there. Ghost notes or not, it's a lovely fall-like opening that moves to florals which are both hedionic and idolic. Rose and violet bring a sensual bordello side while geranium and iris keep a clean, barbershop tone full of soapy sheen. The conflicting emotions of this heart help keep the fragrance unisex overall, but the tuberose nudges this slightly more feminine in the middle, so a CISHET man wearing this better be okay with floral notes or he's barking up the wrong tree. Collection 34: 34 Boulevard Saint Germain goes to the waxed wood floors and candles next, with resinous warmth and polish from patchouli, basalm fir, sandalwood, cedar, eucalyptus, and a teeny smidge of cistus/oakmoss in the very finish. The entire journey from store front to shelves, to counter, and out the door with a bag in hand is complete, and this is the kind of olfactory comfort food made particularly good at family get-togethers in colder months.

The Eau de Toilette is about 8 hours of wear, with moderate sillage, while the Eau de Parfum is more intense, aromatic, and omits much of the floral middle to add a cassis-tinged woodsy resinous edge with also feels bolstered by a bit of cade/juniper. This version of the scent is definitely more paired-down and longer-lasting, with a 12+ hour wear time that might be better for guys uncomfortable with fruit or floral accords, but this still is far from butch even in the more-focused EdP format. The person who likes Collection 34: 34 Boulevard Saint Germain the most is the person who is already a firm believer in the Diptyque brand ethos. If you haven't smelled any of their stock and trade smells like L'Ombre Dans L'Eau (1983), Eau Lente (1986), Philosykos (1996), Tam Dao (2003), Geranium Oderata (2014), or Tempo (2018), you should stop right where you are and explore those first before proceeding to try Collection 34: 34 Boulevard Saint Germain, just because it is really unlike the rest of the house's work, and not indicative of their usual style. For the Diptyque legions, still proceed with caution, and try the EdT before the EdP, since one is the "full Monty" and the other is a concentrated stripped-down model that feels almost like a different scent. A very warm, enticing, if unorthodox "shop in a bottle" kind of scent that is bound to appeal for folks who enjoy coziness in their perfume! Thumbs up!

I've always found 34 EDT interesting in regards to it's mating of Eucalyptus to Cardamom, which to my mind offers a subtle lift to the Camphor, of each, as compliment. The joining to the Wood and Resins is seamless and throws an allude to a base of Young, Dry Sandal. A touch of Rose enhanced by a dance with a cousin Geranium, carries centre stage, while a judicious drop of Tuberose mildly suggests butter. Iris and Violet mingle together and then melt into the romantic melange. Lovely, light, balanced. Drydown works back to a slight Citric and some would say dry, rubbed Sandal with a note of ancient Feline Urinous-ness.
The play is ephemeral, attracts little attention and is best suited for those, who wish to project a quiet, halo of, Elegance.

The 34 EDP.
So very similar to the above, with a little Volume up on the Cassis Citric to counter a base of Ambered Vanilla (and I feel), touch of WAC Tonka. This provides a little more backbone, with emphasis of Baie Rose effervescence. The scent now dances into the Evening.

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