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Reviews of Cocaïne by Franck Boclet

There are 3 reviews of Cocaïne by Franck Boclet.

Cocaïne opens with a slightly mentholated and spicy nuance of tuberose. The spicy opening is short lived. The floral heart note is all about the carnality of tuberose while orchid and lily add a slight indolic touch. At the base, monoï oil adds a very strong solar and tropical touch which renders the image of summer vacation in a beach resort. Vanilla also makes the floralcy heart and the dry down very sweet.

Overall, Cocaïne by Franck Boclet is a sweet and tropical tuberose with superb longevity, 3 to 4 sprays is more than enough to last for 8 hours. Do not spray on light-colored garments as the juice itself is red and will cause staining.
Jul 6, 2021

Imagine you've been on the beach all day,some salt in your hair, but you're wearing a gorgeous creamy body lotion,return in an beach villa,wear black bra and long stockings,a creamy lipstick and lots of jewerly.ready for sex in a room filled with white flowers.a serious tuberose perfume in the same vein as Carnal Flower.intriguing,unusual, thick,rich,feminine,sweet,creamy,seductive.

Opening is's bittersweet opening and even with the sweet candy notes.the lily and tuberose have a slight bubblegum smell and the patchouli becomes pleasantly fragrant and a little balsamic,tobacco vibe gives a dark shadow to the scent. it is also a opulent vanilla in the dry down. this is a carnal tuberose,but not the green or 80s or bloom one.definitely not for everyone.not a safe blind buy.
May 8, 2021

Franck Boclet Cocaine, like Sugar–another fragrance from this house–which I obtained a decant of some months back, Cocaine is a sugary, floral, ever so slightly fruity mix, highly sweet and provocative, almost heady, with the amount of sugar and vanilla I get.

Cocaine is slightly sharp, too, but it's definitely more a sweet fragrance than it is a sharp or powdery fragrance. Stereotypically, it would come off as a designer feminine fragrance, but it's well done enough that it would suit anyone that digs the sort of super sweet floral vibe. I certainly dig it, as it suits my penchant for sweet fragrances.

The notes themselves are more interesting and diverse, in fairness, so it's really a blended effect that creates such a top-heavy, sweet fragrance. I get whiffs of the pink pepper, bitter orange, tobacco caramel in the opening; not so much tobacco but the others fit. The heart is primarily floral (orchid, lily, tuberose), and the base is a mix of patchouli, vanilla, and monoi (which I had to look up; it's an extract of Tahitian gardenias, go figure!). There's not a ton of evolution but it's predictably a little louder and sharper in the opening and a little smoother in the dry down. The blend seems to remain pretty consistent, though.

Franck Boclet fragrances seem to be difficult to find in US retailers. (based in NY) has a number of them for $130 / 100ml but not the two I've tried, either Cocaine or Sugar, so I guess these are more popular and only seemingly available in Europe.

Overall, I find Franck Boclet Cocaine a bit more interesting than Sugar, but still not something I'd find myself wearing very often. If it's less than $1.5 / ml, its pricing is fair, though, given that it packs and punch and should be reasonably versatile for its fans. For me, it's tentatively a “like” not a “love” despite it generally appealing to my appetites.

7 out of 10
Oct 14, 2019

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