Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel 
Molton Brown (2017)

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Reviews of Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel by Molton Brown

There are 2 reviews of Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel by Molton Brown.

A more than adequate aquatic fougere type. Unlike many with this kind of designation, the front-and-centre presence of cypress does afford it genuine claims to fougere-hood. The drydown avoids an overly musky accord; in general, CCASF provides much of what its co-generic competitors should, and avoids its pitfalls. There is a good green presence. This genre is nothing I can get really excited about but this is a good instance of it.
Aug 22, 2021

Fresh and fruity is the motto of the opening blast, with the gentle sweetness of the figs is counterbalanced by a bergamot note; touches of elemi raisin and dried grapes add an interesting twist to the top notes.

A fresh aquatic and marine notes develops and dominates the heart notes, whilst the further drydown towards the heart notes adds woodsy features, out of which cedar wood stands out at times; a dark greenish leafy background is notable from time to time.

The base adds a bunch of nonspecific white musks that cannot be said to add very much.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and five hours of longevity on my skin.

A nice marine summery scent that develops nicely but is let down towards the end by its mediocre base notes. Nonetheless, overall rather agreeable. 3/5.
May 8, 2019

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