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Reviews of Club de Nuit Milestone by Armaf

There are 8 reviews of Club de Nuit Milestone by Armaf.

Having tried the Creed first, I much prefer this. I can actually smell this on myself all day long, for at least 12 hours using 5-6 sprays.

Quality, great value, can't wait to try some other Armaf's.
Sep 12, 2021

If you just spray this for the pure please of MI opening its spot on and that simple please is worth the price of admission.
Sep 9, 2021

Now this is supposed to be a copy of Millesime Imperial and wow I cannot tell the difference. I used to have a big 120ml bottle years ago that went a bit too salty and was a bit lacking in the fruity melon accord. Most copies of Millesime Imperial cannot get the balance right or they are missing the required saltiness

Well to my amazement this captures the fruity melon and salty accord in perfect measure. I'm a bit gobsmacked as it smells better than my old bottle of Millesime Imperial. How can this be, something this affordable and I mean £30 should not rival the Creeds £270 bottle. But it does. This is a great and Its beautiful. I'm well pleased, I've got Millesime Imperial for £30. Well thats how I feel. Lovely stuff!
May 12, 2021

This may not have the longevity of Millésime Imperiale (on my skin I get a full day from MI easy) but for the price this is a ridiculously good alternative. It smells just like MI but missing a little depth in the dry down.

Projection may be soft in the long term but my wife certainly isn't complaining as I walk past her.

Millésime Imperiale is one of my favourite fragrances of all time. Will I buy the original again? Of course.

Will Club de Nuit Milestone suffice and do the job on a daily basis for a fraction of the price? Absolutely!

I can afford Creed fragrances but I cannot justify, what feels like, yearly price increases by them not to mention the faux value of changing bottle sizes (I miss 120ml flasks).

This is an honest representation of MI at a more than honest price.
May 11, 2021

Love em or hate em, they have thew formula right. First they made the best Aventus clone, now the best Millisime Imperial. This one hasn't gone down in price as much as Club de Nuit Intense did though. It's still worth the bargain prices in the $30-$40 range, as it smells like a $200 cologne.
May 6, 2021

As Speedracer notes, this is a Creed Millisime Imperial clone. When my (very) old bottle of the Creed finally ran out late this past fall, I went to replace it and while the counter person at Neimans was searching for a bottle among the inventory, I grabbed the tester she had put on the counter and sprayed my hand with it. "What happened to this stuff?", I thought. I apologized to the sales person and went off to make another purchase. I found the quality of the Creed had dropped significantly. The scent was flat. The sparkling watermelon note was barely perceptible and the longevity was a shadow of what it had been with my prior bottle.

So I blind bought Milestone. I am happy I did. It is essentially indistinguishable from my old Creed MI and smells better, to my nose, than the current Creed batch.

CdN Milestone costs little, projects moderately and has very good longevity. More importantly, I believe it smells better than the current batch of the MI on which it was based.

Overall rating: good.

I'd suggest those in the market for the Creed at least try to get a sample of this before opting for MI. At the moment, I think the Armaf is the better scent (and no one has to see the tacky bottle unless you decide to show it to them).
Feb 8, 2021

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