Cloud Illusions 
Folkwinds (2022)

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Cloud Illusions by Folkwinds

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Cloud Illusions is a shared scent launched in 2022 by Folkwinds

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Reviews of Cloud Illusions by Folkwinds

There are 2 reviews of Cloud Illusions by Folkwinds.

On the contrary to Santi Ana, Cloud Illusions was very difficult to imagine before smelling. This is the most unique of the trio and I respect it for doing this ethereal, wispy, illusory type of scent in a very singular, unique way. I get a lot of mildly chalky sweetness, some juicy naturalistic blueberry, and in contrast to Santi Ana’s judicious use of the note, lots of mint. The far drydown is a really wonderful musky iris with what I swore was patchouli but which was probably the Cypress or just a facet of the musk.

The combined effect is so nice, but I felt like I was wearing someone else’s scent throughout my wearings. I must admit on initial sampling it’s probably my least favorite of the 3, but I do feel it has more to reveal with more wearings.

Cloud Illusions by opens with a sweetened blueberry note mixed with some cypress. I also detect a slightly waxy iris here as well. The blueberry for me is hit and miss. I like the smell initially though it is a little sweet for my taste but then something mixes in with the blueberry that I don't like. It could be something in the accord, probably the bubble gum, that smells a little artifical for my taste. I think many people will enjoy this opening, my daughter loved it, it just is too sweet for me. I did smell a wonderful nutty scent in the air at the top that goes away rather quickly. After about 30 minutes the blueberry dies down on me and the the cypress takes over. The orris butter also comes into play more by making the scent creamier and smoothing things out. The orris used here is spectacular and really enhances the fragrance. About an hour and a half in and the fragrance hits the sweet spot for me and now smells very very good. There is some musk coming in the base swirling around the orris and sandlewood. The musk here and/or maybe some of its components smell like the same type of musk used in Gather's Soft Animal which I believe was muskrat. The dry down is my favorite part of this fragrance with the musky sandlewood combo that really works well on me.

What I really enjoy about this one is it makes me think of the mountains or forests of North America when. The musk in the dry down really brings the image of a chilly forest with mountains in the background. Wonderfully different scent!

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