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Reviews of Cloud by Ariana Grande

There are 5 reviews of Cloud by Ariana Grande.

I've smelled niche fragrances that are similar to this (from memory, I think they may have been Carner Barcelona Palo Santo and Affinessence Cedre-Iris). I thought those smelled awfully synthetic and mass-market for so-called niche, so this packaging and marketing seem like a better fit.

It develops into a base that smells like Burberry for Women (1995) and Goutal Rose Splendide (2010).
Dec 25, 2020

Decided to sample as on 'top ten inexpensive quality scents', and they nailed it. It's not my usual type of scent, not usually into gourmand sweet, but this one is very nicely put together.
I don't know that I'll wear it on a regular basis. I'm of an age this might smell like Mom who just left the bakery or kitchen rather than a sexy delicious vibe .
Still, after a hard work day when the smells of a kitchen full of fruit and baking, with the woodfire in the kitchen seems like a nice smell to relax with. Can't compare to BR540, but there is sure a large market for this.
Nov 25, 2020

Purchased solely b/c I heard it was a dupe of BR 540 (this was before I purchased BR). And basically I fell in love with this in it's own right. It's not as complex as BR. The BR DNA is there but it's easier to wear. It's smoother. I also find the coconut to be more prominent than in BR which I absolutely love for the summer. I also have the body mist which I greatly enjoy spritzing on after a bath or shower.

These scents (sweet scents) are not what I gravitate towards. I'm much more chypre, oriental type girl. I like to smell like vintage boss lady with shoulder pads. But this one I reach for with ease when I really don't want to think about what I'm wearing. I don't think I would gravitate to this for night time or anything that requires a lot of "sophistication", it's just not that type of scent. however, it doesn't offend, would be good as a daily scent, appropriate for office wear and appropriate for the beach/summer. Also, I can wear this on a cozy day/night in during the colder months. I really don't think anyone would not like this scent.
Jul 22, 2020

Honestly I was shocked how much I loved this perfume. I've never tested BR540 so I cannot comment there.

Lush vanilla pastry and diner style coconut cream pie. Easy pear top notes and suede musky base. Extreme longevity and moderate silage. Very sweet and gourmand without going too far over the syrupy edge - just the right level. For this price point it's worth seeking it out.
Jan 1, 2020

Didnt test it, cant give a full review. Smelled it in store. It does indeed smell like BR 540 EDP. Lite. It is what my wife wears, so im quite familiar. For a celeb-u-scent to be a clone of a $400 fragrance is a grande step up in my opinion.
Oct 22, 2019

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