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Lancôme (1967)

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Climat by Lancôme

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Reviews of Climat by Lancôme

Climat was released in 1967, and it just goes to show that copying a perfume idea is nothing new.
The difference between then and today however, is Carven would have released this and called it 'Ma Griffe - la nuit' (or whatever) because it's essentially a darker and sweeter version of their famous classic.
What's more, today they wouldn't wait twenty years to do it.

To my nose, Climat is a fairly uneventful and unimpressive aldehyde. It seems to have been constructed without using much imagination. I smell it now and then on a lady at church; it's okay on her, I suppose. I have a mini of Climat in my own fragrance collection; when I first applied the fragrance, it brought me back to when I was an adolescent and would receive for Christmas one of those fragrance collections from the Sears or JC Penney Christmas catalogs. Anyone else remember those from years back? Those catalogs would offer a collection of mini perfumes, and I don't recall these collections being terribly expensive, either. They were fun, too. But anyway, Climat reminds me of a fairly nondescript aldehydic fragrance which was in one of those collections. This isn't a terrible fragrance, but it's not particularly enticing to me, either. There are better, less nose-grabbing aldhydes out there. Climat is missing something. It needs a little oomph, like when your food needs to be seasoned. . . . Pass the salt.

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