Clémentine California fragrance notes

  • Head

    • juniper berry, mandarin
  • Heart

    • star anise, pepper, clementine
  • Base

    • Haitian vetiver, sandalwood, cypress

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If you were to add up all the reviews on here, the reviews would be mostly neutral to negative. Let's get into why.

This scent is basically a linear scent, to my nose. It's oranges, the flower of those oranges, the wood of those oranges, green note, juniper, something herbaceous for...gasp...intrigue.

Marketed as unisex. I agree. Yes the initially citrus doesn't last too long but what this scent is, that I hope some will appreciate, is an easy to wear scent that goes back to a time when scents were organically made and came from the bowels of nature (ambergris...look it up).

Personally, I am a scent lover. This scent is nice, clean, organic (mostly) and floral citrus. Because the note is so linear..whether floral or citrusy, this can be worn with a woody scent and made more rich (Baccarat Rouge 540) other citrus scents to add to complexity, or even to an aquatic scent to add a fresh breeze to the mix.
Ladies...gents..who wants to be generic?

This is a good scent. Wear it alone and smell fresh. Wear it layered and smell unique.

Apply to moist clean skin for better longevity (5-6 hrs). Sillage is moderate

You can pick up a full bottle for $100 or less.
This house is moving overseas..possibly because many of us aren't into the linear organic scents (I know some of you are frag heads though) but you may want to snag this before it gets real hard to!!

Overall scent: 3.8
2nd May 2023
Received a sample with a purchase and this is terrible! Not only terrible smelling but ‘cheap’ would be the word. First off the name is totally misleading as there’s about 30 seconds of juicy clementines until a giant gardenia unfurls that leads into a big ol’ white floral for women. This is very feminine. I hate it.
5th March 2023

An opening of pleasant citrus morphed into Big White Floral like a wedding fragrance. I don't like huge white floral fragrances. I am padding this review coz the robot won't let me post with so few words. I guess you can't just type 'argh, white flowers' and call it good.
8th July 2022
Slightly sharp, chemical orange smell upon spraying which lingers throughout but the scent does settle a little in the middle/drydown into something a bit softer. Reminded me a little bit of the smell of cheapish orange cordial from back in the day. Would be OK on a hot day but not one of the better Atelier.
22nd March 2021
Peppery chemical orange.

21st August 2020
I like this one, though not as much as some of Atelier's other citrus scents. There's a surprising earthiness to it––it's more savory than sweet. Refreshing.
6th July 2020
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