Clemenpine fragrance notes

    • Consenza Clementine, Blood Orange, Maritime Pine, Night-Blooming Jasmine, Saffron Flower, Rough Suede, Passion Fruit, White Lotus, Fir Balsam, Tobacco Leaf, Cedar Planks, Leather, Sandalwood, Pacific Ambergris

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Sampling Pineward Perfumes Clemenpine, one of a quintet of new spring releases from this Utah-based indie house. It immediately lives up to its portmanteau citrus/woody name, with plenty of spice in it, as well, albeit not an overwhelming amount; the leather, tobacco, suede, and jasmine notes seem to color the fragrance this way, apart from the citrus/pine center after which it takes its name. I think it’s pretty good, and as with more of the recent releases, occupies a new space / has some uniqueness that sets it apart from the dominant dark pine resin vibe (which I love) that characterized about half of the house’s early releases. It’s neat to see releases geared (in my opinion) toward more warm weather wearing the past couple of springs (in the northern hemisphere). There’s a twinge of an “orange spice” vibe that gives Clemenpine a classic familiarity but overall, it smells fairly modern and inventive.

As with most of the house's offerings in EDT concentration, currently, Clemenpine is priced at $135/80 for 57/37ml, sold exclusively through the house website.

6 out of 10
31st May 2023