Clear fragrance notes

  • Head

    • pink grapefruit, linden blossom
  • Heart

    • balsam, mint
  • Base

    • cedar, clean musk

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Juicy, citrus, and floral. Breezy top notes. slight sweet grapefruit. It definitely smells like pink grapefruit. Lime accord, too. The mint quickly moves in. Lively, slightly mentholated with a balsamic overtone. Reminds me of a facial toner.

Grapefruit note stays. This is a sheer, warmer month perfume. A chemical cleanser vibe seems present, every now and then. I think it's the mint, changing its shape & smell. Maybe, its is the cedar causing this.

Overall, I enjoy Clear. It is bright, fresh, and unpretentious. Probably works well on super hot, summer days.
19th February 2019
This opens like a summer morning, with refreshing linden blossom & juicy grapefruit. There's only a tiny, fleeting impression of the bitterness that I sometimes get from grapefruit in fragrances. After thirty minutes, it becomes sweeter & more dominated by fruity notes, with faintly floral undertones. I don't get the mint at all. Seven hours in, there's a clean laundry musk in the base, which hangs around on my clothing for days afterwards. On skin, it's still going softly after fourteen hours.
The overall feel of this is like sitting outside on a midsummer morning sipping fruit juice, while your freshly-washed linen dries on the line in the breeze. I'm not generally a fan of very fruity fragrances, but if you are, you could do worse than this bright & cheerful little number.
13th June 2018

Yes, Clear. That's how it smells like. A transparent citrusy musky concoction that would do great in the Jardins series by Hermes. Inoffensive, nice, modern....not my type.
9th September 2012
With all due respect, Clear is a floral grapefruit that's as interesting as a Glade scented airfreshener. Use this fragrance as such. Doesn't agree with my body.
29th September 2009
A great, long lasting fragrance with good sillage. I wear two sprays on my neck and I can easily smell this wonderful fragrance for a few hours at least - 3 hours so far, even though I am not moving or sweating to heat it up.The odor is haunting and I really love wearing this one while walking. It smells very fresh, but not in a sharp citrus or aquatic kind of way. It is more like a light, sweet grapefruit than a sharp one - so it is perhaps less masculine than common grapefruit fragrances. I still love it and would wear it anywhere.It is much better than both Jo Malone and Comme des Garcons' grapefruit fragrances, and quite different as well.
31st December 2008
A nice, true grapefruit scent. The mint is a good choice for a supporting note. Kind of simple, though.
21st October 2008
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