Clean Slate fragrance notes

    • marine citrus, blue sage, sandalwood

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Very simple scent, as Bath & Body Works scents tend to be, but very pleasant. Round, soft, nothing harsh or chemical-y. I'm sure there's very little natural materials used here, but what is here is very nicely blended. Kind of has a round aquatic nature with a light bit of creaminess in the drydown from the sandalwood. I like this as a casual day scent, a hangout scent when you don't want to be loud or overbearing, or a refreshing gym scent. It's gotten compliments for me from a female friend who says she prefers subtler scents on guys.

B&BW men's scents are ostensibly cologne concentration, so don't expect all day performance, but it does last a good few hours. You can also overspray this one without worrying much about being overpowering. The regular price is about $40 for 100 ml, and I think that's a bit overpriced compared to other cheapies, like the Cremo line. B&BW often runs buy two get one, buy three get three, those shorts of deals. That's the best way to buy - pop into the store to test,, see if a few resonate with you (or a partner), and buy them altogether for a discount.
26th November 2021
Under stated this
Subtle pseudo sandal wood
Wins by not trying

Dry fresh persistent
The aura of spice without

Yet the insistent
Suggestion of real santal
Recast as drift wood

I want to hate it
For the nothing that it is
But such great nothing!
7th June 2021