Clean Reserve : Sel Santal fragrance notes

    • mandarin leaf, bergamot, nutmeg, iris, salted fig, violet, hazelnut cream, sandalwood, amber, styrax, rose musk

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Latest Reviews of Clean Reserve : Sel Santal

This kicks off with the green coconutty Australian sandalwood made famous by Le Labo's Santal 33, topped with apricot and snuggled up in in a fuzzy blanket of hazy laundry musks and salty sea air. It's quickly joined by traditional sawdusty sandalwood.

That's about it - a push/pull between green coconut sandalwood and brown sawdust sandalwood, taking place in fuzzy, milky laundry musks.

I don't love the mix of coconut and sawdust - it seems like they're bringing out the worst in each other. And the milky musk, which is clearly Clean's signature, is a little at odds with the woods. Nothing here is bad, but I can't help but feel like this is screaming "I'M NOT OFFENSIVE!" so hard that it crosses over ironically into offensive territory, while the clash of the sandalwoods is an odd counterpoint. Meh.
30th August 2020