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Clean (2003)

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Designed to give you that fresh-out-of-the-shower feeling. This sells like hot-cakes. (Even though it's cheaper if you actually shower)

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Reviews of Clean Men by Clean

There are 27 reviews of Clean Men by Clean.

I don't know about clean but it is very safe and fresh. Citrusy, spicy and not much else.

Doesn't last but maybe 2 hours. Projection is moderate while it lasts.

Forgive me, but when all is said and done it smells "clean," as the name implies.

Packaging is nothing eye catching (perhaps they were trying to be like Demieter?) and is a bit feminine w/ its teal and white box...not something I'd expect to see for men's cologne.

Now for the scent:

At first whiff: How many lemon trees were murdered in the production of this stuff?! But be patient--this too shall pass.

A bit later: Soapy...clean...I think Ivory, Dial, and perhaps Irish Spring put their heads together to come up with a cologne that actually has that clean soapy aroma to it without getting anywhere near those abhorable "linen" scents.

I can tell the longevity isn't going to be so hot but I'll enjoy it while it lasts!

Meh... I like frags that really stand out. This stands out as completely inoffensive, a bit ho-hum, and safe. I use this just about every other day for no other reason than to have a little mist after a shower. After that, it goes away instantly and I can then spray on something better. Clean products are sickeningly overpriced, and not all of them smell good to me.

I have had to revise this as I now realize that I wear this fragrance more than any other scent I own. I get quite a few compliments when I wear it, and it does have some staying power after all.

This is a fresh blast of grapefruit and lemon. It dries down into a deodorant-y thing, smelling like soap and fresh burst antiperspirant. The musk is there, and it does not ever come off as feminine to me.

Here's a neat trick: I bought the shower gel and the edt spray. I also have the edp (which smells the same, only heavier on the floral), and I use them all at the same time. When you give yourself the full work-up, the magic happens. Longevity, projection, sillage. It's all there. I seriously smell good. It becomes something special. Use the shower gel, follow up with a few dabs of the edp, then give yourself the normal sprays of the edt. You've got it. That's what this was meant to be. It's unfortunate that it requires this much work to coax the life out of a fragrance, but with this, so be it. It's nice and I dig it.

Anymore I don't wear this every single day. But when I do, it's more often than my most beloved niche scents.

Clean Men... like another reviewer mentioned, we have no idea when this will be completely gone, so I've stocked up while I can.

When this is gone I will miss the compliments of: "You smell like Sweet Tarts!"

I was very disappointed in this fragrance. I wanted a I-just-came-out-of-the-shower-smell but instead all I got was cleaner-citrus - the smell u get after cleaning! Lemonpledge? It's not worth the money. :-(

a bit tart(ruby red grapefruit and that's it . no sillage or longevity. up their with gendarme!!

Smells cheap. Looks cheap. Price is anything but cheap. This is nothing but a marketing stunt or a practical joke; I half expected the Just for Laughs crew to appear when I was trying this on. I guess such a bad first impression was enough for me to disqualify CLEAN MEN from a fuller review. Next!

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