Classic Patchouli 
von Eusersdorff (2011)

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Classic Patchouli by von Eusersdorff

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Classic Patchouli is a shared scent launched in 2011 by von Eusersdorff

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Reviews of Classic Patchouli by von Eusersdorff

There are 3 reviews of Classic Patchouli by von Eusersdorff.

I'm reminded of port – there's plenty that's drinkable, reasonably priced and of decent quality but get a bottle of the truly good stuff and the flavours that leap about on the tongue and the deeeeep, warming satisfaction are in a different league. Von Eusersdorff's offering is like that good bottle but of patchouli and it's no surprise that it has die-hard fans who will wear no other.
There's no novelty, no ‘twist' to it, just an amber brown patchouli of profound resonance that feels as though it has been matured to just rightness. The odour profile of the star ingredient here is so rewardingly complex there's something for everyone – except those who'd rather have a candy floss concoction. After a honeyed opening that feels as if some master distiller had turned patchouli into a rare liqueur, nuances of old leather, soil, malt, sweet mulch, even marzipan begin to unfold over an unobtrusive yet firmly anchoring woody backdrop. This is olfactory damask, deep bordeaux one moment, then a shaded, nutty brown, or is it purple veering into black?
In the same league as Les Neriades' Patchouli Antique, but a touch less bold in its projection and with less of the musty old chest about it. But where it steals the march is in the refinement of the drydown, which wears like burnished voile where so many patchoulis can feel like carpeting.

The first impression of Classic Patchouli by Von Eusersdorff is like unpacking a bar of the most delectable dark chocolate in the world. A zingy but transparent bergamot note graces the surface of a smooth chocolatey patchouli heart. The patchouli note in this fragrance is not dirty at all, and not very earthy either; rather it is somewhat creamy, somewhat woody and very satisfying. As the top note of bergamot fades away, the fragrance becomes woodier. It is accentuated by a mild sweetness which perhaps is the contribution of the tonka bean and the vanilla notes. This sweet-woody patchouli phase lasts till the end and is very comforting. I experienced decent projection and longevity.

This is a very good fragrance. Anyone looking for a cleaner woody patchouli fragrance should check this one out. Stay away if your tolerance for sweetness in a fragrance is very low. If there were amber and myrrh in this composition, this would readily be the cousin of Amber pour Homme Intense by Prada. Without those, it is more of the long lost distant cousin whom we can, luckily, still seek out.

I completely fell for Classic Patchouli. A rich, deep and extremely dark take on the main theme that will mesmerize any traditionalist out there. The fragrance opens with a massive dose of earthy patch that immediately brings to mind of head shops, the 60s and the 70s and, while resulting extremely classic, it clearly shows there's something more going on. Vanilla and tonka break-in smoothering the general austerity while preserving the overall dark vibe of this fragrance. The composition gets warmer and deeper, meditative and incredibly comfortable with powdery nuances and creamy-ambery undertones. Addictive.

If you like Reminescence Patchouli or Les Nereides Patchouli Antique, you ought to yourselves to try this. Nothing groundbreaking but so nicely executed to result incredibly irresistible. The perfect comfort scent. Adore!

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