Clash : Celluloid Galbanum 
Comme des Garçons (2019)

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Reviews of Clash : Celluloid Galbanum by Comme des Garçons

There are 3 reviews of Clash : Celluloid Galbanum by Comme des Garçons.

Bright and snappy, the titular ‘celluloid’ cast itself as the gift wrapping around a mostly undefined white floral. They’ve bottled the frisson of opening a new package. Light sillage and six-hour performance. The amorphous floral is nearest to a fresh jasmine, but without warmth, tinged green by the light hue of the plastic note. Bound together, yet distinct, the interplay between these two elementary categories produces something idiosyncratic, lively and modern.

Celluloid Galbanum feels like sitting alone before a glorious silver screen, with its dreamlike, vintage aura refashioned by that futuristic, wholly novel plastic note. The soft and malleable quality reminds one that all artifice looks false and flimsy at the start, but is in fact the only way to build something new.

Guile and hope.
Oct 23, 2021

Fresh green fabric softener.

This is a lot like Chanel No 19, with its leafy greens and galbanum, but with laundry musks instead of 19's classy iris. As such, it smells like really good laundry detergent. But as a proper perfume, while I like the greens and the nod to Chanel, the fabric softener base (while it definitely modernizes the composition) makes it a touch more pedestrian than its inspiration.

Thumbs up, because it smells good and performs well (these fabric softener molecules are strong and seem to last forever), though I'd personally stick to No 19.
Jan 7, 2021

It is an ok, pleasant enough greenish fragrance but nothing exceptional. If galbanum was involved at all, a bottle of it may have been waved in the air at the time of manufacture. The celluloid may just be to stimulate your curiosity to try yet another run of the mill scent. Disingenuous stuff from C de G and no credit at all to the ideals of the brand.
Jun 25, 2020

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