cK one Summer 2012 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • blue mint, cucumber, lime, bergamot
  • Heart

    • green apple, rosemary, water lotus, watery accord.
  • Base

    • rum, sandalwood, driftwood, sea moss

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Latest Reviews of cK one Summer 2012

Yes, FINALLY found a new bottle of this for a reasonable price! Guys and girls, I'm not even kidding, if you like sweet/fruity summer owe it to yourself to get a bottle of this. This one more than makes up for the letdown I had with the 2014 version.(was alright, but too close to T.B. SSSB)

When I received the small decant and took my first sniff...I knew this was something special and different compared to all the other summer scents I've owed and tried. This juice is without a doubt my favorite warm weather fragrance and a summer masterpiece. Yeah, I dropped the "M" word!!! It's just such a juicy and complex, mouth watering scent. CK comes though yet again with another terrific release. Amazing smell and surprisingly long lasting to boot.

Complex, unique, fairly natural smelling and long lasting....all these descriptions for a CK frag? Yes!!! 2 THUMBS UP FOR ME!
16th November 2015
Summer is my favorite... (time of year...).. Nice Fragrance, CK... This fragrance rocks..!! Out of the bottle you get a successful blend of fruit, citrus, veggies (yes, cucumber is a vegetable), and aqua... There are similarities to other summer fragrances, but the (2012 edition) CK One Summer offers a different blend that is quite easy on the nose. I questioned the longevity until Sweetie asked what I was wearing some 8-10 hours from my initial application. I lost any detection at about 5 hours, but it was still present. Additionally, Sweetie commented several times that it smelled great. Hey, it works for me..!! The projection and sillage is average at best, but I do get the occasional whiff throughout the day. This frag is good.. As you would guess - definitely spring and summer for seasonal wear and it should work for any event. It is fresh and uplifting. The bottle and packaging is first class. I am especially fond of the texture of the bottle. If not mistaken, Summer only comes in one size - the big bottle - and the price is very competitive for a good fragrance. The tally for CK One Summer is 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. I love the scent and the bottle design. The price/value is good and it is a Calvin Klein fragrance. If the projection/sillage/longevity were better, the scoring would be closer to perfection. I do recommend because the scent is that good. Ride the waves and don't ask where they go...Pros: Great scent and refreshing to wear...Cons: Lacks projection, sillage, and longevity...
19th May 2013

very similiar to kenneth cole reaction and eddie bauer pure. a great crisps apple opening that lingers but is toned down and evened out with simple woods. very catchcy and trendy summer/feel good scent.worth a sample if you love fresh scents. not a bad price either. much lower now since summer 13 isout..
9th May 2013
this one smells like a great scent for summertime.. tried it on summer vacations on a greek island and really enjoyed..fresh yet green, invisible but present, fruty enough to be delicious.. an essence of freedom, trully unisex, good prize, limited edition, well done!
27th February 2013
CK Summer 2012 is better than I expected.
A Fruity Melon and Sweet Green Apple opening that lingers.
Very sweet citrus that smells natural.
A Refreshing pick me up fragrance.
Each of the CK One Summer
Scents are fresh and enjoyable to my nose.
This one though is my favorite so far...
25th February 2013
Opens with a juicy melon. The melon gradually becomes sweeter and sweeter as the aquatic notes become more prominent. It isn't too sweet but as much as I loved it, I became sick of it. I bought this because I hoped it would have the heavy citrus that Summer's 2010 was based on. I ended up trading my full bottle for my sister's used 2010. Although I still plan on using it when I'm up for some candy.
3rd December 2012
Very nice sweet melony opening but dries down to a citrus which is reminiscent of many many other fragrances. After first 5 mins stays close to the skin. Nice but ordinary.
13th September 2012
Watermelon Jolly Ranchers. It's a pleasant fresh, sweet fragrance. Not sure if I would ever buy it, but at $48 for 100ml it's tempting.
29th June 2012