cK In 2U Him 
Calvin Klein (2007)

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cK In 2U Him by Calvin Klein

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cK In 2U Him is a men's fragrance launched in 2007 by Calvin Klein

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Reviews of cK In 2U Him by Calvin Klein

There are 44 reviews of cK In 2U Him by Calvin Klein.

This is a nice, wearable day frag for me. It wears well on my skin and is pleasant all the way through dry down. Longevity is about 3 hours on me, and sillage is pretty weak. But as a "wrist sniffer" while running errands, it works. Found it in TJ Maxx, so cost was minimal. I wouldn't pay a ton for this, but great for everyday, nothing special occasions.

A nice and simple, unpretentious scent with an 'electrified' vibe that imparts some clever accords of sizzled iced-gin, cocoa-tea and a green vetiver-cederwood floating on sweetly musk. Impressions of pencil-shavings at the start with maybe some clary sage, dark waxy-inky notes in the middle and a de-terpenized cederwood-like 'gasoline&ashtray' tone. Not much development, quite linear but harmonious enough to stay interresting. Reminded me a some of CdG pour homme 2.

The quintessential airport scent. Inoffensive and therefore easy to wear. Basically reminds me of Prada Amber Pour Homme with all the mystery taken out.

Nothing special but a good little number to throw on for doing nothing important. Pleasant and light.

Decent opening, but boring. My question.. where is the cocoa?? The dry down is horrid, and becomes a scrubber for me. Not worth 10 bucks.

Reason I bought this. A friend said it's the sexiest thing he ever smelled. Well.. I think it's safe to say, he hasn't smelled much.

Nothing great, nothing bad. Just bang average juice to wear while knocking around the house.

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