cK In 2 U HEAT Him 
Calvin Klein (2009)


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cK In 2 U HEAT Him by Calvin Klein

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cK In 2 U HEAT Him is a men's fragrance launched in 2009 by Calvin Klein

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Reviews of cK In 2 U HEAT Him by Calvin Klein

There are 9 reviews of cK In 2 U HEAT Him by Calvin Klein.

The lemony too note is the cor accord is this creation, together with an underlying green tint. This is quite pleasant.

In the drydown a woodsy component develops, which is paired with a fruity vibe and a rather generic white musk base.

The sillage is soft, the projection limited and the longevity three hours.

A pleasant summer mix, very synthetic, generic and quite mediocre. 2.75/5.

Pass, total waste of time and money, another dud from Calvin Klein. A younger crowd can appreciate this with only the gesture of "hey yo imma use CK yo" .pass

I do not understand this, the orignal is one of my fave smells, it was strong, and fruity. this one has a slight aquatic smell and something i can only relate to a burning?. its not a strong smell and i can hardly tell i have it on after 30mins of applying.

I was really looking forward to trying this fragrance, as it's listed ingredients sounded very me. However, though it is very pleasant, I don't find it very different to many other fragrances: I don't know if anyone remembers a fragrance called Kindred Spirit (which only seemed to be marketed by Woolworths in the UK); it was very similar to CK1, but not quite the same: on me CK In 2 U Him HEAT smells exactly like it.For me this is a pleasant frangrance, but not a particularly special one.

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