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Yardley (2011)

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Citrus & Wood by Yardley

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Citrus & Wood is a men's fragrance launched in 2011 by Yardley

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Reviews of Citrus & Wood by Yardley

There are 34 reviews of Citrus & Wood by Yardley.

Can't believe I didn't review this at the time when I managed to buy a 50ml bottle for £5 in a time-limited Amazon sale. Happily used the lot for work purposes and now it seems to be discontinued other than overpriced rogue bottles on Ebay and so on. The comparison with Terre is well-founded and well honed. Terre has evidently better quality (try, if you can, the residue on testing strips after two days) but in terms of value, this WAS sensational. Given what I know now, I'd buy in a heartbeat. Hard to believe the current Yardley line will get anywhere close.

Believe it - this is a 90% clone of Terre d'Hermes (intended or not by Yardley).

It is a nice ambery-citrus-wood like Td'H, but far less pricy and performing poorly (longevity needs to get amped up!). If there was no Td'H, this would be one heck of a deal. Just as there are, say, seeming-clones of Jean-Paul Gaultier's Le Male by many other companies that add some extra little bit of spiciness/sweetness/florals/etc. vs. the original, the same can be said of Citrus & Wood: The 10% difference is that it comes across as a bit more bracing and fresh (while it lasts!).

If you won't mind keeping this on your person to refresh it a couple times a day, then Citrus & Wood is for you.

For what it is it's not bad. A clone of TDH. It actually smells pretty similar but only lasts a couple of hours so let down by poor longevity. Mind you....At this price you can spray as much as you like.

Very close in smell to TdH but not as good in performance, projection or longevity. Maybe it's missing the ISO e super?

Again, like TdH but less intense.

Projection is average and everything lasts about 5-6 hours.

Yes, similar to Terre d'Hermes. But much lighter, more a cologne/aftershave than perfume. A shame really, because the citrus is both natural and clean. It just doesn't last long and requires multiple sprays to detect beyond a skin scent. And though the price is quite low and the quality of the scent itself quite high, I just can't in good conscience recommend it for the anemic performance. If you're fine with that, and multiple sprayings then go ahead and purchase. But for me, quite disappointing.

"Poor man's Terre d'Hermès" indeed, but given the price, that's definitely a plus. And it's not the only one, actually. Citrus & Wood is definitely similar to Ellena's bestseller to many extents, as it is basically the exact same "airy", hyper-clean, very contemporary Iso-E infused woody blend with a zesty, classic eau de cologne-inspired top accord of citrus notes. But it has a couple of unexpected twists that make it quite worthy the purchase regardless of whether you like and/or own Terre already.

First, Citrus & Wood is even cleaner and crisper than Terre d'Hermès, slightly more soapy and floral, a bit spicier at heart, and somehow overall less syntethic as well. I've tested it extensively in the past few days and that's probably the feature I enjoyed the most - the fact that it smells very laid-back, very natural even if it obviously isn't, not cloying and not "plastic" at all as one may expect. The citrus notes do smell like proper citrus, properly fading in a couple of minutes as proper citrus notes do, and the woody notes do smell like realistic, freshly cut, sharp wood (Ikea stuff, don't expect any raw- dirty smokiness). It's obviously that ubiquitous industrial cedar-pencil aromachemical again, but whoever created this on behalf of Yardley, did a great job in infusing some life in it and making it smell smoother, softer, less dry and less blatantly artificial as many others did. Partially thanks to the use of the floral tones and partially to the quality top citrus accord, it all smells very uplifting, fresh, vibrant and classy.

Shortly this is a great clean citrus-woody scent which can be perfect basically anythine and anywhere, more than safe and greatly inoffensive but classy and pleasant. A great alternative to Terre d'Hermès (and similar scents) with a smoother, lighter and cleaner presence. The projection is decent and the persistence is a bit short - as you'd fairly expect with this type of notes, but given the cheap price and the fantastic top notes, it's a pleasure to reapply.


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