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Creed (1901)

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Citrus Bigarrade plays a role in one of the great love stories of all time -- that of a king who gave up his throne to be with the woman he loved. This his-and-hers fragrance was made for the extraordinary couple -- the former king who sacrificed his crown and the stylish divorcee he married, living together in glamourous exile as their rule-breaking romance made international headlines.

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Reviews of Citrus Bigarrade by Creed

There are 27 reviews of Citrus Bigarrade by Creed.

Creed Citrus Bigarrade is a nice semi-fresh, semi-bitter, musky/woody offering that I'd certainly classify among the more accessible discontinued freshies from that era. I'd describe it as not quite as sharp as Bois de Cedrat, not quite as green as Selection Verte, and not quite as orangey as Orange Spice. It's more of a semi-bitter lemon freshie with some woody undertones.

The note listing by some sources is deceptively simple: bergamot, citrus notes, neroli flower, and ambergris.

Its performance is sadly lacking, as even with a fairly robust application from a decant sprayer, the scent is barely present after a couple of hours, so I wouldn't advocate tracking down a bottle at an exorbitant cost, though I'm glad I've a decant to enjoy on occasion.

7 out of 10
Mar 26, 2019

Really classy, memorable, and well-made version of an Eau de Cologne scent from Creed!

Citrus Bigarrade has a simplicity that seems to be a no-brainer: Just marry together the typical citrus opening salvo, then incorporate neroli flower, capped off with Creed's ambergris accord.

It's a traditional lemony-herbal Eau de Cologne, but with the addition of waxy-musky-sweet ambergris along with the citrus notes and lovely waxy-lemony neroli. It feels distinctive and full of quality ingredients and processing, even if it's not altogether unique per se.

Very uplifting and inspiring fragrance that can be worn esp. in warmer seasons and casual, informal occasions.
Sep 18, 2018

The opening blast is the signature of a top-notch Eau de Cologne: bergamot as dominant note, lemon, hints of lime and of an unripe orange - crisp, refreshing with a lashing of citrus zest. Gorgeous!

A bit later on elements of a shining neroli, touches of verbena, and some grassy hints are added, before the bergamot-citrus dyad retreats and gives way to the ambergris so typical of many Creeds, with glimmers of a nigh white-musky undertone - just so much more natural.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and four hours of longevity on my skin. The performance as such is not great, for for a citrus based creation that is not synthetic in nature it is quite respectable.

In the history of citrus-based summer fragrances this is one of the finest of all opening. The internsely rich bergamot is unsurpassed, and the lemon is sublime indeed; all the ingredients are of finest quality.

This ultra-summery creation holds its own amongst the great classics like the original formulations of Monsieur Balmain, Bois de Cédrat of the same house - with a more woodsy character, Signoricci, maybe Penhaligon's simpler Extract of Limes, Geo F. Trumper West Indian version of the (nigh) same name, and a bit less exciting Malle's Bigarade and Eau d'Hadrien, as well as others. A great classic of the finest quality. 4/5.
Mar 4, 2018

Like Guerlain and Chanel, this would be considered Creed's version of ‘Eau de Cologne' . The opening reveals a very natural citrus note that is both sharp and refreshing. The citrus is supported by an underlying note of neroli that gives the scent the slightest touch of florals. The citrus note quickly fades away allowing for the usual Creed drydown of ambergris to settle in for the remainder of the scent. The scent is very short lived therefore warm climates would certainly be necessary to get the most out of the scent. What makes Citrus Bigarrade stand out from other fragrances of this citrus genre is the opening: the citrus is so natural and pure. A very simplistic classical citrus based scent, short but sweet.
Jul 15, 2016

The citrus comes out like a candy and very fresh with a delicious vegetation note that comes from the Neroli that melds with it. This is by far the citrusiest top note I've experienced so far. It stays with the Neroli for the length of it until the Ambergris comes in to warm it up a little. This is probably the best citrus fragrance from Creed because it has better sillage and longevity than Bois de Cedrat which would be my favorite if it wasn't for it's disappointing faintness.
Nov 23, 2014

The traditional citrus Eau of the Creed collection, along the lines of Acqua di Parma's Colonia or Eau de Hadrien. It pulls out all the stops, beginning with orange and bergamot in the starring roles, supported by just a pinch of mint and lavender for grit before lemon takes over. Just when I was worried that it might drop into lemon cleaner territory, a nice grassy lemony verbena took over, while a waxy orange blossom came in, hinting at the smell of a candle. This was joined by the expected petitgrain, which was nicely tempered and never got too rough, leaving most of the day with a pleasant waxed wood smell.

All in all, a nice, top quality old fashioned citrus eau de cologne. It's well done, but so are others that can be had for quite a bit less money. That being said, this deserves a thumbs up for quality and tradition.
Jan 24, 2013

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