Exclusively available in Seoul.

In the beginning, CITRON 28’s early codename was CITRON BOHEME; we wanted a real lemon perfume that wasn’t just lemon, but a twist on this icon of citruses.

"A mix and match of freshness and structure (lemon, ginger, and jasmine, resting on cedar and musks), it strikes the right balance between the original and the conservative. CITRON 28 meets the need for purity and simplicity and, as such, delivers something almost universal and easy to understand – yet remains inscrutable. This complex composition is dedicated to Seoul, an alpha city, one of the iconic capitals of the world. A city with its own contradictions, rooted in tradition and history yet at the forefront of all that is modern and forward thinking. Opposing forces that only a bohemian citrus can embrace." 

Citron 28 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lemon, ginger
  • Heart

    • jasmine
  • Base

    • cedarwood, musks

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Citrun 28 opens with a bright, fizzy lemon that is eventually overtaken by other notes, but never quite goes away, creating a lovely effervescent effect. I find it very soft, pretty, and gentle. There is a very calming quality to this scent despite the citrus & ginger notes. While there is a slight sweetness, it is not enough to distract from the freshness. Citrus is prominent, with a very soft, sweet jasmine. While not powdery, there is a dry quality from the musk that helps you stay refreshed.

This fragrance does have a watery consistency that might be attributed to that, though this watery quality seems to be the general trend with this kind of scents. Citrun 28 is pretty but very linear too. It doesn't seem to change from the time I first sprayed until it faded out a few hours later. That's not necessarily a bad thing as it serves a purpose for hot weather. It's especially nice when you need a break from heavier fare. This certainly goes far in fulfilling that need. That said, If you're searching for a beast-mode fragrance that screams "look at me" to everyone in a ten-mile radius, this definitely not be your cup of tea.
18th April 2023
In the month before the City Exclusives month, I'm finally sampling last year's Le Labo City Exclusive release, Citron 28 (Seoul). Right from the start, it's an easy winner and quite pleasant, a fresh, semi-bitter/spicy citrus-dominant blend with very realistic green qualities to it. The listed notes are lemon, ginger, jasmine, musk, and cedar. I'm not sure why there's a slight bitter sharpness to it, but my best guess is that that's the citrus ingredients pivoting toward the citron fruit itself, a more bitter, less edible citrus fruit that's one of the original non-hybrid citruses. The woody/musky side is there, too, but mainly in the background, with the lemon/citron/ginger/jasmine aspect being most prominent. It's a classic case of “what's not to like?”–an easy-to-wear citrus that certainly fits the current summer weather in the northern hemisphere.

The pricing for the Le Labo City Exclusives has always been pretty high, and has increased steadily but not horribly in recent years, now $485/319/134 for 100/50/15ml, so while it's a nice fragrance overall, it hardly merits the cost, especially when contrasted with some of the richer and more complex offerings from the City Exclusives subline (i.e. Poivre 23 London and Benjoin 19 Moscow, priced at $290 for 50ml in 2016). In fairness, Le Labo's creations are generally good or great, but I'd certainly recommend sampling Citron 28 because it's a good fragrance. It's a great time to order a sample pack of City Exclusives from Luckyscent (in the US) or the Le Labo site as bottles are only sold in the month of September. I look forward to trying latest City Exclusive release, this year's Cedrat 37 (Berlin).

7 out of 10
5th August 2021