Cites des Ange 
Sultan Pasha (2016)

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Cites des Ange by Sultan Pasha

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Reviews of Cites des Ange by Sultan Pasha

There are 1 reviews of Cites des Ange by Sultan Pasha.

An unusual one...i love Sultans creations , but for the 1st 15 minutes or so , I was undecided on this one ... That durian note threw initally came across to my nose as some type of rotting animalic fruit...but , just like waiting for a stinky oud to mellow out , this transforms to a rich and juicy fruit smell that becomes layered with a garland of tropical flowers...then , its the usual Sultan blend of notes and accords coming and going...beside the fruit and flowers the other players that i notice are a amber flavored sweet wood with hints of tobacco...its another great Sulan creation and there is nothing wrong with it , just my personal taste puts this at the bottom of the list for me...a tropical fruity floriental...

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