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Cinéma by Yves Saint Laurent

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About Cinéma by Yves Saint Laurent

People & Companies

Yves Saint Laurent
Fragrance House
Tom Ford
Creative Director

Tom Ford's last fragrant project before leaving Gucci in 2004.
The notes for the Eau de Parfum are above. The Eau de Toilette, launched in 2006 contains notes of: top: clementine, mimosa, cyclamen; middle: white peony, jasmin, amaryllis; base: amber, white musks, bourbon vanilla.

Fragrance notes.

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Reviews of Cinéma by Yves Saint Laurent

There are 49 reviews of Cinéma by Yves Saint Laurent.

This is gorgeous. Very softly spicy – and overall very soft. Also warm and beautiful. Mandarin in the top notes is noticeable and sweetly refreshing. Later it fades into beautiful slightly spicy-powdery vanilla. Beautiful, beautiful "my skin, but better" kind of scent.

I love Cinema! It's soft, feminine, slightly powdery and sweet to my nose. The amber and vanilla are most prominent to me. Boyfriend likes it, too. I don't normally favor fragrances in this vein-- usually go for fresher scents, but I think that Cinema is incredibly pleasant, beautiful, calming, and elegant. Perhaps feels a tad mindless and trite but not more than a lot of mainstream scents. Beautiful, balanced, and uncomplicated. Great evening scent for a woman and possibly even unisex.

I had high expectations for this, as a former friend once raved about it. It's not for me.

Slight sour & bitter at first. Sparkling flowers follow. Peony, in particular. Light musk later. Slight benzoin. Not much else stands out. Short-lived on my skin, too.

2 stars.

Flowers and almond with the most elegant vanilla. Clean, classy, effective. Not cloying or sweet. Beautiful projection.

Soft, delicately sweet, musky vanilla with a hint of almond, and a whisper of cyclamen, I find this such a joy to wear. It lasts a good 8 - 10 hours on me, without ever being overwhelming.

Amber, White musks, Bourbon vanilla, Benzoin
That is a lovely opening: orangy vibes with a nutty almond undertone, a touch of fruitiness with cyclamen thrown in - quite characteristic and well thought out. The base is flowery, with a muguet-peony dyad dominant, and merging into a slightly boozy benzoin-dominated base of wood, musk and vanilla.

The performance is good on me with moderate sillage, good orojection and seven hours of longevity. Well-composed, a touch synthetic but not in a manner that interferes with its overall impression. 3/5

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