Euphorium Brooklyn (2015)

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There are 3 reviews of Cilice by Euphorium Brooklyn.

This is a spicy incense opening, with incense combined with labdanum, benzoin and clove to form this delightful opening - warm and comforting with a bite of spice. In the drydown a slightly boozy angelica is added, but of particular noteworthiness is a birch tar that is very subdued, but otherwise well made.

In the base notes other woody tones emerge, especially cedar, and gradually the spiciness rescinds and the wood notes fade away.

The sillage is soft to moderate, the projection all right, and the longevity and excellent ten hours.

The main proviso with this delightful wintery scent is the limited projection that makes it into a skin scent very soon, in spite of applying this thick and viscous Eau de Perfume rather generously. Otherwise it is a great product, composed of top-quality ingredients and very beautifully blended. 3.75/5.
Apr 15, 2016

This is the scent of labdanum influenced to lean towards birch leather with soft spices, brandy, and honeyed warmth under layered with soft woods and dry castoreum. These notes could be oppressive however the labdanum keeps everything on a warm hearted mellow and even course and the warmth brings out the dark amber tones. All in all this is a very expressive and darkly delicious amber fragrance that is an excellent "feel good" scent for winter months. The leather and birch are slight adjustments to the warm soft candle glow emerging from a silent cloistered gathering of warm amber. A nice fragrance. Rating 7.5 of 10.
Dec 9, 2015


The notes are many, and can initially feel claustrophobic, but as they unfold (multiple times), it tells a rich story of far off places.

I am a huge fan of Labdanum, and it is here, balanced with Frankincense. The delicious warm and waxy feel of beeswax comes through, and the ambergris warms things up further. The Castoreum gives it a "wilder" feel, but all the other notes keep it reined in. I did not feel like the oud or leather was particularly strong (sometimes they can overwhelm my nose), which I was grateful.

Overall, this is really nice and for me, FBW.

Just wanted to add that I finally got a bottle tonight from my husband - very happy! Perfect birthday - Sushi and Cilice!

Update - allowing this gorgeous oil to masticate is truly something only a patient or forgetful (me) person could do - but if you can, it opens up more olfactory doors an offers the wearer a deeper journey that is well-worth the pursuit - goodness! Just get a 15 ml, and keep it stored away for a few years and then - wow! It only improves with time!
Dec 3, 2015

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