Cigar Black Oud 
Rémy Latour (2014)

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Reviews of Cigar Black Oud by Rémy Latour

There are 8 reviews of Cigar Black Oud by Rémy Latour.

Nice spicy up front but that doesn’t last long. Settles down quickly to a vanilla tobacco type accord. A tad animalic but it’s overpowered by the other notes (this might be the leftover middle cinnamon spice note contrasting with sweetness of the amber/vanilla).
Jul 25, 2020

Not even close to Tobacco Vanille and yes, I have a sample of TV for comparison's sake. Cigar Black Oud has an opening that can make you cough. The first spray sent my head back as if I took a jab by Mayweather. Then it settles down into a spicy vanilla and synthetic oud like scent.

I like wearing it around the house because it's a bit challenging to enjoy but it's hard to hate. Challenging for a $15 fragrance is an accomplishment, so for that reason alone I almost give it a thumbs up. I just can't commit to a thumbs up because I can't commit to wearing Cigar Black Oud in public. I'll have to keep it neutral here and recommend Cigar Black Wood instead.
Jul 11, 2017

The opening of this is pretty harsh, very pungent. As it dies down though, I do get a bit of Tobacco Vanille, but the vanilla isn't really a thing here. To me, this is more about a tobacco like accord, I get a pretty strong cinnamon note, as well as a ton of anise, although it isn't listed in the notes. It smells a bit animallic to my nose as well.

While it is the closest thing to Tobacco Vanille I've smelled, it's also very far from it. I regret making this purchase. Hopefully it'll get dropped, and I can sell my bottle for more than what I paid in the future.
Aug 20, 2016

My first fragrance from Remy Latour and i am very happy
Tangerine more than lemon in the front
The balsam and cinnamon middle are a fleeting introduction to...
Amber and musk and the base notes that start to emerge
And as it settles in the oud and tobacco make this beautiful EDT as comfortable as the best old oversized leather chair you ever sat in. Love this scent
Jul 8, 2016

Incredible projection upon application. Later on, the oud settles and you are left with a smooth, tobacco/vanilla that still has just enough brightness to stand out and get noticed. I first put this on and was taken aback by the strength of the initial smell, but l received compliments from my wife a few hours later, even after having grilled outside and had the smoke smell from the grill on my clothes. Lasts the whole day as well.

Update: Having just worn Musc Ravageur, I was reminded of Cigar Black Oud. Seems like there are some similarities.
Jun 20, 2016

No joy.

Synthetic vanillaic (from the tonka bean) and cinnamon with even more synthetic oud accord.

I'm not a fan of cinnamon and vanilla so not for me. But overall not a bad fragrance. If you like cinnamon and vanilla you'll enjoy this.

UPDATE: This is quite nice. It takes a LOT of getting used to. It comes out of the bottle swinging! You gotta let it settle. Once it settles, it is very nice, well balanced and could easily be niche.

There are similarities to Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille but imagine this as the artisan quality street food versus fancy restaurant quality in Tobacco Vanille.

Thumbs up now, but you gotta give it time.
Dec 10, 2015

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