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RG reissued this scent as an Eau Parfumee in the 50s, with ifferent bottle packageing and probably different juice as well. I don't have chance to test the original scent, but this reissue version is very nice indeed.

It smells like entering a warm room but a little bit dusty(smokey), very vintage feel. I dont smoke pipe so can't say if it's like pipe leaves but this is a light comfortable scent. It creates a peace and cozy feel, sometimes more like a room scent then a cologne.

close to skin, not very longlasting, about 3hrs as other reviewers said, but consider it's just an eau parfumee, not bad actually.

Still, I'm curious about the original version, I guess it must smell more spicy then this reissue version.

Oct 9, 2015

Coming in 1910/1911, this would seem to be the very first "tobacco" scent in the history of perfume, anticipating Caron's 1917 Tabac Blond by six years, although the latter has the reputation.

This is a warm pipe tobacco scent, as opposed to the slightly acrid cigarette tobacco scent of Tabac Blond. One has the sense of opening a humidor and inhaling the mellow, slightly cherry/slightly vanilla scent of fine tobacco.

A shame this one is discontinued - it is quite a fine chypre. Still available on Ebay at affordable prices and worth seeking out.
May 19, 2014

Nice Tobacco NoteThe be all and end all of this fragrance is a beautiful and rich fresh pipe tobacco note that is not dark, and that has a restrained sweetness that is never cloying. A touch of bergamot gives the opening a hint of freshness. On my skin the initial silage and projection are good, bit after an hour it is very close to my skin; the total Iongevity is about three hours.
Jul 11, 2013

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