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Chypre Green by Pecksniff's

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Chypre Green is a women's perfume by Pecksniff's

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Reviews of Chypre Green by Pecksniff's

There are 4 reviews of Chypre Green by Pecksniff's.

Imagine spending a day in the large and lovely garden trudging through dewy grass past wild citrus groves that have been left to their coiling, barbed fate as large dark glossy leaves having collected droplets of morning sunlight shimmer gently. Notice how your mood is elevated by the clean, clear green miasma surrounding you as you seem carefree and refreshed? Here and there flowers emerge from neglected garden beds where strident succulent plants cascade over old wood and stone. Their waft introduces a different sense of time as you realise it's later than you thought as the sun casts longer shadows. You make for home through the wooded areas where familiar warm and scented fragrances dance upon the dappled light and shadow. The cuffs of your trousers still carry the smell of the morning's moist grass but it is more mellow now as they've dried smelling of the garden with something spicy lingering. In all, a fine fragrance to create a particularly fresh and light mood.

I actually love this scent which smells amazingly like Diorella or Eau Sauvage. In fact, I use the bath gel & lotion with Diorella for extended longevity of that fragrance. This has a fresh green herbal accord with just a bit of sweetness.

Captivating beginning with such an excellent aroma: Clean fresh citrus notes with just the right touch of galbanum to tint it little green… an aromatic, clear, fresh, and long-lasting citrus / touch of green… This is one of the more pristine citrus openings I've encountered. The top holds for a very long time for a citrus, seamlessly transforming into the lightly floral / lightly spicy heart. The heart floral is a bouquet accord – I can't identify a particular note, except water lily, which I always find because it's uniqueness. Although orchid and violet are listed, I don't have an adverse reaction to them, as I usually do. In all, the heart of Chypre Green is an excellently presented unisex floral / spice at, but I find it just a bit on the boring side. Like the opening, the middle has quite good lasting power. The dry down is a discreet, smooth sandalwood and musk – quite pleasing and comfortable and with the best lasting power I've seen in a Pecksniff's fragrance. Chypre Green presents a very attractive aromatic package, and although I've found several Pecksniff's fragrances to be excellent in respect to the high quality of their accords, this is the first one I've found from this company that has very good longevity. I feel good about giving Pecksniff's Chypre Green a thumbs up without a caveat. Oh, and forget the feminine designation… it is definitely unisex…

I love this one. Though it says it is for women, it seems more unisex to me (I use it all the time). Reminds me of Creed's Bois de Cedrat, this one is bright, green, distinctive, and crisp, with excellent lasting power (unlike the Creed). Best of all, it isn't something that you'll find everyday and you won't have to worry about ten other people wearing the same scent when you go out.

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