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This is a review of the re-issue, which reportedly was released in 1948. it is also known as Chypre 53.

The opening is quite unique: a soft oakmoss, not harsh with with a gentle kick, and quite rich. This is paired with a floral note: I get mainly carnation, with touches of hyacinth, and a green, herbal and slightly vegetal undertone. Touches of thyme and clary sage develops a bit later on. All these merge into a moody-green-floral, slightly dirty impression of great beauty and perfect balance.

The drydown developed a sweeter side, with a slight cinnamon coming forward gradually; they combine with the top notes very nicely.

The base continues with the sweeter side, with woodsy whiffs in the background. Further towards the end a note of a smooth new Nappa leather impression arises, which has a light suede accent at times. In the final phase there are touches of a faint powderiness present.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and an excellent eleven hours of longevity on my skin, albeit fading for the last couple of them.

A wonderful creation for cooler spring or warmer autumn evenings. It is one of the first chypres, a bit darker then most classic representatives of this genre, but a creative expression combining the disparate components is an inspired way. The ingredients are of superb quality and the blending is exquisite. Maybe it is lacking a touch of vividness towards the end, but otherwise it is marvellous. 4.25/5.
29th March 2020